Healthy Eating on a Budget

Eat healthy food. That's what that is being promoted nowadays because of the many studies that have proven that unhealthy foods are one of the main causes of cancer and other major diseases. But do you know that healthy foods are more expensive than junk foods? Healthy food cost more because of the care taken into producing these foods. For example, the use of olive oils rather than normal cooking oil or organically grown vegetables rather than vegetables sprayed with pesticides, will increase the price normally charged.

Being more expensive, it would make it out of reach for those with lower income and this contributes to poor eating habits in many ways. Even when you're dining out, it's cheaper to dash through a greasy hamburger joint than it is to go to a restaurant that offers fresher, healthier options.

Your budget crunch doesn't have to put a complete stop to your healthy eating goals. You'll just need to look for some creative solutions and think outside of the grocery bag.

Budget Friendly Tips To Healthier Food

Farmer's Markets

The local farmer's market is easy to find and offers one of the best option when it comes to finding fresh and healthy produce. You can find a local farmer's market usually in the summer time but you can find them operating all year round in larger cities. Here, you can find the best seasonal deals and you'll often stumble upon amazing items at prices that won't burn a hole in your pocket.

If you're not sure where to look for a farmer's market, try calling your local chamber of commerce.

Grocery Store Newspaper Circulars

You can find deals on fresh produce if you're willing to look around and compare prices. You can rely on some stores to consistently give better prices for some types of foods, but you never know who might be having a killer sale, so shop around.

Cut Your Own Veggies

Don't be tempted by convenience. Vegetables cut and prepared by the shops may not be that good for you as compared to vegetables cleaned and cut by yourself at home. You'll be able to retain more of the nutrients if you're willing to do more preparation on your own.

Cook from Scratch More Often

A homemade soup is healthier than canned soup purchased from the shop or supermarket. The same is true for a savory rice dish made from scratch. Prepared foods usually have more salt and fat to make it tastier but you know better than to put these kinds of things in your food. Learn how to cook your own rice and learn a couple of basic soup recipes and you'll have a foundation to build on that will feed your family week after week for less. Foods prepared on your own require more time and resources but look on the bright side; you get to save some money. Another benefit that you will get out of cooking your own food together with your family is that it will not only save you money and contributes to a healthier lifestyle; it will promote better family ties.


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Healthy Eating on a Budget

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