Green Tea Antioxidants

The many antioxidants that green tea contains make it very beneficial for the skin. Nearly everybody nowadays is aware about how helpfulness of green tea is and its role for the betterment of health. Let us discover some of those benefits that green tea provides. Well to start with green tea helps in losing excess body weight; it thwarts off the onset of heart diseases and cancerous symptoms. Those cultures who have understood the benefits of green tea know that taking green tea regularly have helped in reducing the risk of cancer and also have helped by elongating youthfulness.

Since green tea is so helpful by introducing in the body so many different types of antioxidant, it is bound to show significant results from the day it is taken. Now what are antioxidants? These are elements that combat the free radicals which can cause various problems for the body of different severity. These free radicals are unnecessary and can cause a number of serious health issues that can be easily avoided by taking antioxidants in the diet. Free radicals can clog up the arteries and fill up cells and these are very severe issues. While having dark colored vegetables can provide the body with the much needed antioxidants and prevent the free radicals from carrying out its destructive works in the body.

How do antioxidants help? Antioxidants eliminate the free radicals from the body. They prevent filling up of cells and frees the arteries, therefore the flow of blood is through the arteries is smooth without any disturbance. The antioxidants also help reduce the excessive body weight. This mass of excessive weight only adds to the fatigue because the body has to burn extra energy to carry this weight around.

Other benefits that are received from green tea consumption are that it is very helpful in bolstering the heart and fights heart diseases, it lowers the cholesterol and as already mentioned it helps in reducing the extra body weight which otherwise can cause diabetes and heart failure as the heart has to pump hard so that blood reaches the all throughout the body evenly. Now you can really appreciate how powerful green tea really is in energizing the heart and a healthy heart means longer healthier life.

Now among some of the constituents of green tea, polyphenols are known to slow down the process of aging by eliminating the free radicals. So green tea has also rightfully earned the name of fountain of youth. Polyphenols are also responsible for prolonging life by increasing the life of individual cells in the body according to a recent study.

All these facts are reasons enough to consider green tea in the diet; this will certainly help you with health benefits and ensure your good health for many coming years. Not only will you feel fresh, have a wonderful skin and feel invigorated, you will reduce the risk of housing heart diseases and diabetes too.


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