Gazpacho Soup

Andalusia's famous dish known as Gazpacho soup; although it has been so for a very long time according to local history, the exact origin is not known. Many think that the dish migrated from Rome to the southern Spain and then to Andalusia. On the backs of the Roman legions, the recipes of Gazpacho soup; olive oil, vinegar, salt, garlic, bread and along the way of the Empire they mixed the ingredients that added to the taste of the soup and hence today's Gazpacho soup. Some may argue that the soup bears its origin in the Arabian lands and the recipes came to Andalusia where it was carried by the Moors.

Mortar and pestle, food processor or blender; the soup is made to a thick liquid consistency and is very smooth. It is uncooked and served cold. Gazpacho soup is very popular among the toiling farmers of the Spain. This soup restored the nutrients and also kept the body cool. Because of its popularity among the working class it is called the poor man's food.

The Ingredients of Gazpacho Soup
- Diced medium 1/2 cup of celery
- Red wine vinegar 1/4 cup
- Cumin 1 teaspoon
- Cayenne 1 pinch
- Organic vegetable juice 2 cups
- Minced garlic 1 teaspoon
- Diced medium cucumber 2 cups
- Diced medium red onions 2 cups
- Diced medium red bell pepper 2 cups
- Diced tomatoes, ripe and seeded 3 cups

Gazpacho soup can be red, green and white. The red soup is considered as the original, you might be guessing that the tomatoes give the colour red but in the original soup it was not so. Christopher Columbus introduced the Gazpacho soup in Spain from the Andes. Some other ingredients are cucumbers, salt cod, and bell peppers. The soup may be garnished with hard boiled eggs, chopped almonds, ham stripes and orange slices. Cumin as well as crushed mint are some spices that can be added for extra taste.

White Gazpacho soup is made with peeled almonds as well as seeds of pine. Water is added to make it creamy with smooth consistency. The garlic flavor can be reduced by adding fruits such as melon, apples or grapes. During the summer time White Gazpacho soup can be really a wonderful meal.

Green Gazpacho soup owes the color to green veggies. Vegetables like lettuce, mint, parsley, basil, coriander, avocado and endive. As garnishing, cucumbers can be sliced or croutons or mint can be chopped to make the soup more delicious.

The soup is made of veggies and some time fruits may be included too hence the soup is very beneficial for the health. Many nutrients, vitamins and minerals are obtained from consuming this soup. Not only that the soup is replete with antioxidants that can fight of heart diseases and cancer. No wonder the Gazpacho soup has retained its popularity throughout many centuries only because of its light, refreshing and varied taste and benefits received.


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