Gallbladder Flush

Each year thousands of people will give a try to simple gallbladder flush. Moreover, the thousands of patients suffering from gallstone will have them naturally passed. However, innumerous number of people will have their gallbladder removed.

Besides the consumption of cold dairy products and food with many spices, stress plays an important role in making our gallbladder to act up. The gall bladder produces an enzyme named, ‘Bile’, which is responsible for the breaking up of oils and fats in the digestive tract.

Although most of the diseases related to gall bladders are very mild, but some of them can be even life threatening. If some one has developed gallstone that can get stucked in the gallbladder’s neck can make him/her very ill. These gallstones can cause nausea, jaundice and chills if they are stuck in the duct, which connects the liver and gallbladder with the small intestine.

Why a Gallbladder Flush May Work?
Fact! A recent study claims that people who get their gallbladder removed are more prone to have diseases like bowel and colon cancer.

Fact! A number of natural health doctors believe that cholecystectomy, gallbladder surgery, will be an obsolete medical procedure in next decade or so.

Thus, if one is considering surgery, he/she may wish to have a natural flushing of their gallbladder. Moreover, one can easily flush the organ by slightly changing their diet and drink, adapting to a healthier lifestyle, and taking some simple remedies and more vitamins.

One-Day Gallbladder Flush
Being the do it yourself flush, it is very much popular, and consumes only one day. To start with, one should eat at least five organic apples in the morning. The green apples have more effect in softening the gallstones than their red counterpart. For drinks, one should consume only herbal tea and pure water.

Lastly, they should sip a mixture of one-third cup of fresh limejuice mixed with two-third cup of body temperature olive oil, just before going to the bed. It is recommended to lay only on right side with one’s right leg drawn up. By this, all the stones would pass out with stool, in the morning. One should undergo this flush only on the advice of their healthcare provider.

Five-day Gallbladder Flush
Another form of gallbladder flushing, but is of five days instead of one day. It consists of consuming radishes and apples continuously five days and two tablespoons each of lemon juice and olive oil in the morning, with empty stomach.

21 days Gallbladder flush
It is a milder method than the previous two is smoother on body and can be repeated twice or thrice annually. For these entire 21 days consumption of meat, foods with high fat content and any type of dairy product are strictly prohibited. Only unprocessed grains, vegetables and fresh fruits should be consumed.

For this period, one should consume at least one or two radishes each day as a snack in between their regular meals. Five cups of chamomile tea and three cups of cleavers tea should be consumed each day. Lastly, as per their weight, one should have cold pressed flaxseed oil poured on their food. The ratio should be one teaspoon for every 32 pounds.

If desired, one can divide and use the amount one get in both the meals. This procedure should be followed for six days per week for two months. One can repeat this procedure for 2 or 3 times a year, despite it being a longer version. It can be used whenever one feels the need for it. It will help in cleansing of the gallbladder and make one feel 100% recharged.

The most important thing to be done, if one want to have his/her gallbladder totally clean, and in the healthiest form, is to have more awareness towards their dietary intake. A good exercise regimen should be followed along with a healthy eating. This lessens the erection of gallstones and hence, makes one feel better and more energized.


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