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Most of the detoxification you may be aware of are in the form of diets. But sometimes you want to detoxify our body without any change in your diet. This is when foot detox comes to your rescue. It is new detoxification method. The toxins and other harmful elements are eliminated from your foot. And it is also quite effective. You can find that out when you read this document completely. Foot detoxification is relatively easy compared to other detoxification methods. You'll only need a detoxification agent known as pads. You'll only have to apply them in your skin and the process kick starts. Another alternative is foot spa which is also a good foot detoxification process.

Food detox has been practised in Chinese and Japanese cultures since thousands of years, but we became aware of it only now. The technique practised in these cultures is known as acupuncture. The study involves finding acupuncture point across all our body. Some sixty acupuncture points are located in the foot area. The toxins are located in these points, not only because of circulation of blood but also due lymphatic fluid circulation. The acupuncture point lets the blood to be controlled. Because it's lowest part of human body, the toxins find an easy place to accumulate.

The base of foot detoxification comes from reflexology an old oriental treatment. It has been passed from generation to generations and today it it's used all around the globe. The technique is now used in many other modern healing technologies, foot detox being one of them. The main interest of reflexology is in the pressure points (sometimes called as energy zones) in human feet and hands. These pressure points are connected to various important body organs by nerves. When these points are simulated they can energise the body and can heal various weaknesses without performing any costly surgery.

Benefits of foot detoxification

When you detoxify yourself with a foot detox technique, you are eliminating almost all the harmful toxins from your body. You just need to apply a patch in few of the acupuncture points. Since these points are connected to many important internal organs, the toxins will be got rid of. This will help you getting a peaceful sleep. Apart from this, there are many physical advantages of foot detox. It will kill the unwanted fat and thus decreasing your weight. Metabolism is also greatly increased. You don't feel any headache, exhaustion or body pain (like back ache) anymore. If you have constipation related problems, this is also solved by foot detox by relieving your bowel movements. Overall detoxification will increase your energy level making you feel great.

Not only physical benefits, there are also mental advantages of cleansing, for e.g., clarity of thought. Stress is greatly reduced and your concentration will increase in your daily tasks. Many people have reported that they can now think better as their memory is revived with frequent detoxification. Cleansing improves your sleep as well if you have any related problems.

With the wide range of advantages of foot detoxification, you now certainly have reasons to go for the detoxification. Foot detoxification has been an easy way to stay healthy and energised without going through any harsh detoxification methods. You certainly have nothing to lose, then why not go for it and stay fit.

Types of foot detox:
Detox Foot Patch
Detox Foot Spa


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