Food Toxins

The food that we take is not always pure and it is quite often injected with artificial hormones. It is done so to increase the growth of poultry or even cattle. Vegetables and fruits are adulterated with chemicals and of course pesticides and fertilizers are used right from when it is being grown.

Acesulfame K
Often called as the substitute of the common sugar, it is used in chewing gum, non-dairy creamers, pudding, instant coffee mixes, gelatine desserts, tea mixes. This chemical is known to have increased cancerous symptoms in people.

Benzoic Acid
Inhaling affects the nervous system very much as it is moderately toxic. It can also be very severe for the eye as well as skin as it causes irritation. It finds its use as food preservative and also in pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and canned food products.

These are preservatives which have been banned in most of the countries but it is still used in US. They are carcinogenic in nature. These are found in canned and cosmetic products. It is widely used because it and mostly contain in foods manufactured in US for its ability to slow down staleness.

Found mostly in foods like ready to go popcorn that is made in the microwave. It leads to a severe lung problem called bronchiolitis obliterans, it even tastes similar to butter.

GMO or Genetically Modified Organism
Animals, food products or plants that have been modified genetically, or created or even may have been changed then it can be termed as genetically modified. Most foods such as corn, tomatoes, soy etc are genetically modified but they are not always labeled in the US. Many countries around the world have prohibited the use of GMO because it has not been extensively tested on food and other products such as cosmetics.

High Fructose Corn Syrup or HFCS
Heart diseases are caused due to the intake of fructose in large quantities. It causes blood cells to clot and aging may be accelerated. Levels of cholesterol as well as triglycerides are also increased.

Hydrogenated or Partially Hydrogenated Oils
Trans fats like arsenic are very poisonous. Hydrogenated oils or even partially hydrogenated oils can slowly deteriorate one's body because it can cause sclerosis of multiple forms and it also causes allergies that can cause arthritis.

Monosodium Glutamate or MSG
This is found in lot of foods and causes allergies as well as nerve damage as it an excitotoxin.

Aspartame in its reformulated form; It consist of phenylalaline, methyl esther and also aspartic acid. Some of the problems that it causes are neuro endocrine disorders and brain lesions. People tend to show same symptoms to aspartame if they are sensitive to glutamic acid too. it is included in carbonated drinks, prescribed drugs and all forms of foods which are processed.

Nitrate or Nitrite
Although nitrate is safe it can change into nitrite and that in turn, forms into secondary amines and that is called nitrosamines. This can cause cancer and has always been a suspect for causing stomach cancer. At frying temperatures this chemical reaction takes place to form nitrosamines.

It is free of fat but still this is a very severe additive as it attaches with nutrients and together it moves out of the body hence there is no use of the nutrients when combined with this substance. In fat free foods it is actually olestra that is used.

Sodium Nitrite
Makes the meat look red instead of its usual gray and also increases its shelf life. It causes brain tumors, leukemia and also initiates types of cancer.

A substitute of dairy, which contains naturally formed compounds ad are toxic to animals and humans. Soy prevents calcium and assists vitamin D deficiency. Soy products also contain MSG and which causes brain related problems. It also initiates thyroid problems that can cause lethargy and mental problems as well. Those babies who are feed soy from early on can develop autoimmune thyroid problems as they are exposed to isoflavones, these have severe effect on people, and some of those are infertility, liver problems and thyroid.

If the person has asthma related problems, then it can be very severe that it can be a cause of death. It is banned but is still used to wine, dried fruit and raw potatoes.


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