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When you complete the detox program then the next step is to bring the body to the normal and healthy state. For this purpose maintaining right nutrition and following balanced diet program including whole foods based on food guide pyramid plan as recommended by U.S. Department of Agriculture.

Many years ago the USDA made some big changes in the nutritional values we need to follow accordingly. Now the four food groups guide has become Food Guide Pyramid. The purpose of showing this simple picture was to make you aware that whatever USDA has said is base on the elements of a healthy diet.

The truth is that the pyramid proved to be non-specific and so not useful for anyone. This is because every person could not follow it like diabetic patients are on strict diets. The simple pictures showing the four food groups were so easy to understand. In the picture given below you can see the food guide pyramid.

Luckily, the "My Pyramid" plan has replaced the old food guide pyramid, which is different as it is not generalized and any individual can use it as per his suitability. Although it has flaws too but the person can at least get the basic nutrition from whole foods like vitamins. Actually your body needs it in order to bring it back to the healthy state after the implementation of the detox plan.

Majority of experts agree on a point that healthy eating is based on eating variety of balanced food as well as in moderation. This actually means that when you eat variety of food items which does not add excessive calories or excessive amount of any nutrient is ideal for maintaining weight as well as overall health. We are giving you 10 tips so that you can easily follow the advice and can still enjoy the food items that you eat.

1. For ideal results include a variety of food in your meals with high nutrients. For good health one must eat balanced diet which comprises of much more than 40 nutrients, as any single food item cannot fulfill the requirement. In the daily food one must include natural bread as well as other whole-grain items; like vegetables; fruits; meat; and dairy products, fish, poultry as well as other protein based food items. There is no fixed quantity as calories requirement may vary from person to person. The "My pyramid" can be helpful in this regard also the Nutrition Facts panel on the labels of food.

2. Eating lots of whole grains, vegetables and fruits is must. According to the latest surveys and studies majority of Americans don't take in plenty of these foods items. In order to get whole grains it is important to consume 6-11 helpings from the rice, bread as well as pasta and cereal group.

3. Regular exercise and physical activity is important for maintaining healthy weight. You must know the weight limit for yourself as it depends on age, height, gender as well as genetics. If the body has excessive body fats then the risk for several diseases may increase too like heart diseases, stroke, high blood pressure, different kinds of cancer as well as other health issues. If you are too slim then be ready to deal with menstrual problems, osteoporosis, as well as other health issues. If your weight fluctuates constantly then see your dietician for assistance. With regular exercise one can easily maintain healthy weight.

4. Eating moderate sized portions is important. With moderate sized portions it's easy to eat the type of food items that you want to eat and can still enjoy good health. The proposed serving of prepared meat is 3 ounces, which is equal to half of a sandwich. If you take a medium portion of fruit then it is equal to 1 serving while a cup of pasta makes 2 servings. If you take a pint of ice cream then it is equal to 4 servings.

5. Never skip meals. Usually when a person is hungry then he tend to eat whatever is available. This is true that snacking in between meals can hold you back from hunger, but if you eat too much then the snack can become a complete meal.

6. The amount of some food items must be cut down instead of cutting it down at all. For example, if you like to eat something that is high in salt, sugar or fat, then the only way to keep it in your diet is by cutting down the proportion. For this you need to make changes on your own by knowing the content. It is not a good idea for adults to include high-fat meats as well as whole-milk dairy goods in their meals. Opting for low-fat or skim dairy products as well as lean pieces of meat like beef round and flank steak is better as it can decrease the intake of fat especially if you used to take it regularly. The fried food lovers must not stop eating it but eating it once in a while is a better option.

7. The best thing is to create a balance in the food selection. It is not possible to eat everything that is perfect. For example, if you eat a food containing high quantity of sugar, salt or fat then the other food that you select must be low in these contents. If due to any reason you miss any food group one day then you can balance it by taking it the following day. Make sure that the selection of your food is based on healthy pattern.

8. Those who want to make improvements to the eating habit must know the difference between right and wrong food. Note down the food that you eat for at least three days. In the next step check the list with the tips given here.

9. You need to make changes to diet slowly as rushing could cause problem. You cannot bring about changes magically so be realistic and go slow otherwise the outcome can be negative.

10. There is nothing wrong with foods but your eating pattern or selection can make things bad. There is no harm in eating candy bars, cake, ice cream and potato chips but if you eat too much then it can be harmful. It is also vital to choose other food items that can supply the balanced as well as variety important to stay healthy.

The USDA pyramid should be based on the nutrition advice included in the Dietary Guidelines for Americans. According to the USDA, the purpose of these guidelines is to give advice to individuals of two year and older regarding good eating habits for good health and for reducing the risk of big chronic illnesses.


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