Epsom Salts Baths

Epsom salt is derived from its origin, a town in England, known as Epsom. During the Renaissance, townsmen will come to the village for cleansing by having some drink from its mineral-rich wells. The waters of Epsom were found to be loaded with magnesium sulfate, minerals that are used to flush out unwanted materials in the body.

When mixed with lukewarm water, Epsom salt can work wonders in removing toxins from our system. The hot water during bath opens up the pores, making Epsom salt easily absorbed into the skin, and as the salt seeps through the skin, it slowly drags out these unwanted toxins which is said to lead to muscle relaxation, swelling reduction, skin exfoliation and emollition.

Here's a simple Epsom detoxifying bath you can try at home. Just get yourself the following:

Epsom salt: 1 cup
Sea salt: 1/2 cup
Bath oil: 2 tablespoons

Pour everything into your tub while it is getting filled up. This will prevent Epsom salt from getting exposed in air and creating lumps. Double the recipe if you are using a bigger tub. Dip into the tub for 20 minutes to maximize the cleansing effect of Epsom. Works well with muscle aches and pains. You can read your favorite book while going through a relaxing warm bath. You can also add scented bath oils on the bath mixture to give your bathing experience a more relaxing feel.

Before going through any detoxifying treatment, seek medical advice especially if you have certain health problems. Also, keep in mind that hot baths should not be taken by those with hypertension, diabetes, as well as those with heart and kidney problems. However, you can still have a cleansing Epsom salt treatment by preparing yourself an Epsom scrub bath.

This does not require you to go through a hot bath, so it is safe for those with heart and kidney problems. Mix one tablespoon of olive oil or any bath oil and one-half cup of Epsom salt. During shower, gently work through wet skin focusing on rough and dry spots. Rinse thoroughly. Do this once a week to maintain a well-cleansed, exfoliated and softened skin.


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