Environmental Toxins

Toxins released in the environment by the industries are called environmental toxins. Due to large scale pollution toxins are present in the air that we breathe in, the water we drink etc. Pollution is most concentrated in the cities and the industrial areas. These environmental toxins are very harmful for the health and also degrade the ecology.

The rise in environmental toxin has reached to such a stage that it has become unbearable for us human beings to breathe in fresh clean air or have access to clean water. The significance of this issue cannot be stressed enough because the very existence of all life depends on a habitable environment and polluting that very environment is only securing the extinction of life forms on the earth. The World Health Organization addresses the problem faced by the environment and describes the necessary measures to eradicate pollution as most of the diseases that people are inflicted with today have their root in environmental toxins.

The toxins range from chemicals to synthetic substances and include pesticides, chemical fertilizers, and some other pollutants as well, and the human body inadvertently stores up these toxins and from then on starts the various complications like building up of fat, or making the body prone to diseases and also hampering the immune system of the body.

Many researchers have been undertaken studies to best grasp the situation and threats of environmental toxins and how to best combat it. But there are habits that we can cultivate in the meantime so that our body is doesn't completely succumbs to the effects of the toxin. Frequent body cleansing methods allows the body to maintain its immunity and in the process it eliminates several diseases that may have been well on its way to make the body its home. But when we chose the ways to remain healthy, we should be vigilant with what we choose to put inside our body. The food that we consume is often adulterated and processed artificially that very low nutrition reaches us and high levels of toxins enter the body. As a result there are diseases, weight gain and even fatal illness.

In our desire to have a fast solution for everything, even our eating habits have gravitated to fast foods and beverages. This way the body is deprived of nutrition and other essential fiber required. The result is a disturbed digestive system. Other problems like cold, headaches, hay fever and dry skin have become very common. Not only that, environmental toxins also makes the body's immune system weaker and leaves it prone for other health problems.

Digestive enzymes can be of help to combat the effects of environmental toxins. The systematic and the digestive enzymes are very helpful as they reduce inflammation and fibrin and also purify the blood of the various contaminants. The enzyme also energizes the immune system and strengthens it.

Phenoxyethanol is another substance that is said to cause harm to the fetus development or the reproductive parts also. It can reduce fertility and is extremely toxic that it poses a threat to the environment as well as the wildlife. It is found in body products and cosmetics.


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