Dietary Guidelines

Dietary Guidelines for Americans was released in the beginning of January 2005. This document still reflects the tense combination of food industry and science. It is based on recommendations to maintain nutrition and this piece of information is also based on the same topic.
- The guidelines strongly urge for maintaining and controlling weight as well as including physical activities in daily routine.
- The emphasis is on low intake of Trans fats as well as saturated fat. In this guideline there is no artificial low cap on the intake of fat.
- There is no emphasis on new guidelines but the Americans are urged to control the intake of sugar and understand the advantages of whole grains.
- There is no harm in consuming half of the grains in the form of refined starch. This can increase the chance of heart diseases and diabetes; add unwanted calories in the body and it can also cause problem to metabolic process.
- In case of protein, the guidelines include fish, poultry, red meat, and beans (soy products) in the same group. But it tells to choose the ones that are fat-free, low-fat or lean.
- If you drink three glasses of milk (low-fat) then it can add greater than 300 calories in a day.

Explanation of the Food Guide Pyramid
The food guide pyramid is quite helpful especially for incorporating whole foods into the diet. Nowadays it is quite easy to find information about it. The amazing thing food guide pyramid is that it is explained in depth.

In reality, the food guide pyramid is a general one which is not useful for anyone who follows it aimlessly; however there is a logic behind the change of food guide pyramid into the My Pyramid.

My pyramid is a specific one as it based one individuals specific needs and one can clearly understand the way to get daily vitamins and minerals. The use of old pyramid is still beneficial for health. These simple guidelines are based on eating which are helpful for everyday life. Just for reference of our readers, the new pyramid is based on a staircase running in the upward direction on one of the dimensional sides.

Although the recommendations are general but these are quite useful yet. Now letís have a look on the recommendation of the food guide pyramid:

Whole Grain Foods (include in every meal)
The use of carbohydrates in the body is to give energy. Carbohydrate rich food includes whole grains such as brown rice, whole-wheat bread as well as oatmeal. The digestion of whole grains is not as quick as of the processed carbohydrates i.e. white flour. In this way quick increase and decrease in the level of blood sugar and insulin can be prevented. In other words, the blood sugar and insulin level can be controlled as hunger will be at bay and it may also prevent the occurrence of type 2 diabetes.

Plant Oils
About this recommendation most people think that it is on the contrary to all that we have learnt so far, as it's based on general habits of eating. In a day, one third or more calories of an average American comes mainly from fats. Healthy unsaturated fats can be obtained from soy, canola, peanut, olive, sunflower, corn, vegetable oils and from fatty fish like salmon. The advantage of healthy fats is that it can maintain the level of cholesterol and it gives protection to heart from any sudden problem.

Vegetables and Fruits
When the diet includes vegetables and fruits then the risk of stroke and heart attack also decreases. It can also prevent from different types of cancers. The blood pressure also remains in control and the intestinal problems do not occur. Even it can save from cataract, which can cause vision loss in the individuals over the age of 65.

Poultry, Eggs & Fish
All these are rich sources of protein in the diet. According to different researches the high intake of fish can lower the chance of heart disease. Chicken and turkey which are low in saturated fat are considered as the best sources of protein. If you want to eat healthy in breakfast then consider eggs.

Nuts and Legumes
You get so much from nuts and legumes like vitamins, minerals, fiber and protein. The navy beans, black beans, garbanzos, and some dried beans are included in legumes. There are so many nuts that are rich in healthy fats.

Dairy or Calcium Supplements
In order to build bones and strengthen it the exercise, strong calcium as well as vitamin D are essential. Usually Americans fulfill their calcium intake from dairy products like cheese and milk but actually one can get calcium from other sources as well. Calcium supplements are cheap and can be taken daily to fulfill the required calcium intake.

Red Meat & Butter (real)
As these contain high amount of saturated fats so these are on the top of the Healthy Eating Pyramid. Those who eat red meat daily must switch to chicken and fish many times a week in order to maintain the level of cholesterol. Similarly, the best thing is to switch from butter to useful olive oil.

White Rice, Pasta, Potatoes, Bread and Sweets
These foods can cause quick increase in blood sugar level which in turns can result in problems like heart diseases, diabetes as well as gaining weight. It is better switching to whole grain breads which is hurting too but the speed is slow.

Multi Vitamin
If you take a multivitamin multimineral supplement daily then it can act as a nutritional support especially if you can fulfill the requirement with food. However, healthy eating has its own importance which cannot be replaced by any supplement.

Most people may not believe it that a glass of alcoholic drink in a day can decrease the chance of heart disease. Keep in mind that moderation is important, because alcohol has disadvantages too. In case of men 1-2 drinks in a day while in case of women, one drink in a day.


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