How To Detox Your Body and Lose Weight At The Same Time

Detoxification involves the process of blood cleansing by eliminating the impurities through liver, kidney, lungs, lymph, skin and intestines. When you go on a detox, you start feeling healthy and energetic.

Below are some ways to detox your body:

1 Firstly you should decrease toxins in your body. Reduce the intake of cigarettes, alcohol, coffee, tea, high calorie food and drink.
2 Next is to reduce the intake of high scented shampoos, deodorants and cleansers. Instead, go for milder ones or natural ones.
3 Stay on fruit juice and fresh vegetables like carrot, spinach, celery, cabbage etc. Chew your food properly in order to have proper digestion.
4 Drink plenty of water. In this way your digestive tract and organs rest, even your body does not build much toxins. It should be at least eight glasses a day. However do not drink water immediately before or after meals. Have healthy eating habits and keep it fixed. Include fresh fruits, whole grains and green vegetables. Avoid packaged and fast food which have high amount of calories and fats.
5 Go for an Epsom salt bath, It is one of the best ways to remove dead cells from your body.
6 Use a dry and soft skin brush which will help to remove old skin cells, stimulate lymph and helps to draw out toxins from your body.
7 You can also take a professional help by going to a wellness centre and consulting a professional.
8 After deciding your diet and internal cleansing program you can also go for some therapies like aromatherapy, body massage, body brushing, acupuncture, hydrotherapy, yoga and meditation.

You can also lose weight along with a detoxification process. Instead of starting your day with a morning tea, drink a glass of lemon juice with few teaspoons of honey in it. If you are habituated to drink tea or coffee substitute it with a glass of fresh juice. Herbal tea like chamomile also helps. You also need to avoid dairy products like butter or margarine; wheat based food and fried food. Try to use olive oil or ground nut oil for cooking. It is better if you go for baked or steamed food. Added to all these practice yoga and meditation to clean the accumulated wastes and toxins from your body. Juice fasting is often recommended for people who want to lose weight through detox. Go for fruits like apples, orange, pineapple, bananas, papaya and vegetables like tomato, carrots and lemon etc.

You should remember that regular self cleansing helps to control the build up of toxins in our body. Most of us lead a stress laden life and have erratic work schedule which leads to chronic fatigue, headaches, depression and insomnia. These are signs of toxin that build up in our body. As a result of which our body fails to flush out these harmful toxins. This is the time when one should go for detox. Detoxification is not a short term program. It should be practiced to get into self cleansing methods. Before going for any detox diet plan consult your health care practitioner.


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