Detox Tips

Body detoxification tips to ensure results and success

Below are some tips to help you get the best out of your detox diet:

1) Follow a balanced dietary plan
2) Maintain proper nutrition at all time
3) Obtain all of your vitamins from food and supplements to address your need
4) Eat MORE whole foods from all food groups
5) Consider all the elements of a healthy diet and stay with them
6) Understand and support, following the basics of healthy and nutritional eating
7) Make sure that there's balance, variety and moderation in all aspect of your life
8) Diversity in your diet is vital in all stages of detox. Try to pick from natural bread and other whole-grain products; such as vegetables; fruits; dairy products; and fish, meat, poultry and other protein foods. Fiber-intake and hydration is still very important.
9) Low-fat products and lean proteins are good.
10) Maintain a healthy weight.
11) More, smaller, healthier meals, more often, smaller portions, consume frequently to maintain a stable blood sugar and keep your metabolism ticking!
12) Avoid too much sugar, starch, salt and refined foods.
13) Very important, fried foods and fats have to go and be removed from your palette, menu and plate!
14) Do not skip meals, get hungry, thirsty or suppress/deny your appetite.
15) Make healthier selections for your vitality, balance, well-being and even longevity.
16) Get involved in activities and practices that encourage good wellbeing and decrease risk of major chronic illnesses.
17) Drink lots of water to hydrate the body. It's also advised to drink at least three glasses of low-fat milk per day.


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