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Natural antioxidants are a wonderful way to cleanse the body of unwanted toxins. One of the easiest ways to obtain these antioxidants is by simply drinking a detox tea. They not only provide our bodies with superb protection when it comes to various viruses and bacteria but also keep many environmental additives from circulating throughout our system. You may be asking yourself how these dangerous toxins can build up inside of your body and how in fact they can be removed by drinking a simple tea. These are very common questions that will be thoroughly explained below.

Busy, busy, busy...this seems like quite the daily theme of an average adult. Constantly working, raising a family and ensuring the bills are paid. Anyone can understand how it would be so easy to overlook such a complex health issue such as toxin build-up. Let us also admit that healthy meals typically involve more preparation and in today's world, cost a decent amount more than the microwavable dinner that we have become accustomed to. On top of the money and time restraints us adults have, there is also harmful chemicals in nearly all water that we drink. This mainly includes any type of city water that runs through the average household, water fountains in schools and workplaces and the majority of products that contain water such as soups. Aside the water we drink, the air we breath also contains hundreds of chemicals from industrial sites and also from nearly all civilized nations governments. Most do not realize that many countries spray chemicals throughout the sky, which has become known as "chemtrails" to combat so-called "global warming" by affecting weather patterns.

Now, before you start to panic remember that our body has a built in defense mechanism called our immune system which goes to war with these toxins on a daily basis. The majority of toxins are removed, however; a great amount are left scavenging the insides of your body causing health problems. The main victim is your digestive system as it can start to fail while digesting foods and will refuse to absorb any nutrients that give health benefits. These defects can cause both vitamin and protein deficiency which can cause havoc on your body as a whole. The liver, which is also effected by toxins brings about several diseases such as anxiety, depression, blood pressure and diabetes.

Lets face it, our immune system is great and all but certainly needs a boost of help with a detox tea. These combine with your immune system to attack harmful toxins from effecting your body. Several variations of the tea exist including lemon, peach, triple leaf, natural blend and the always popular green tea. Each of these teas contain important herbs that have been used down through the ages. Certain teas can target specific areas such as peach detox tea which is intended to effect the kidney and liver functions. Your biliary and digestive system can be positively boosted with a cup of natural blend cleansing tea. Lets take a closer look at a few of these teas below to see the inner workings of these detox drinks.

As earlier mentioned, the kidney and liver can be helped out by the peach detox tea. A commonly unknown fact about the liver is that it is the biggest organ in the human body. It metabolizes, synthesizes and contains nearly all of the nutrients in your body. The livers juices, bile, functions as a digestive component of fat within the gastrointestinal tract. Bile also helps blood to flow and work as it was meant to until toxins invaded it. As you can see, a poorly maintained liver can bring about several issues throughout the body. Kidneys on the other hand are the most important organ that washes out the waste and toxins through your urine. When a kidney is not working properly, mass amounts of toxins can be built up causing severe issues. Peach detox tea consists of a traditional Indian ingredient, cornsilk, which stimulates urine flow by triggering the main functions of the kidney. In addition to cornsilk, black pepper, long peppers, dandelion and ginger are also included to effect the livers job of removing toxins.

Lemon detox tea has natural ingredients such as Madal Bal natural tree syrup, lemon juice and cayenne pepper. Lemon juice has a vast amount of Vitamin C of which is one of the more potent antioxidants. Many vitamins including C reduce the oxidative stress causes by toxins. The cayenne pepper dissolves mucus built up in the body and also adds a kick the the lemon detox tea as well. Many minerals are also included thanks to Madal bal natural tree syrup, which are also highly required in order to have a fully functioning liver.

The majority of these detox teas are made simply by boiling water and placing tea bags which can be obtained in the marketplace, typically in the herbal isle. These small tea bags contain all the important ingredients mentioned above for you convenience. After boiling the water for a good five to six minutes, you are set to drink and happily restore your toxin fighting organs. Also, it's important to note that most claims of detox teas being used as fat burning drinks is honestly not true. Most have no effect of the fat burning processes your body contains. On a good note, by cleansing the toxins your body has, you will feel much better, become healthier and have an overall boost in your quality of life!


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