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You must have heard about several types of detox programs by this time when you have landed in this page. But I am going to talk about the most recent and scientific detox programs of these days the ionithermie detox. This detox program was developed in 1979 by Olivier Fouche, a French biochemist. Since then it has spread to all over the European continent and also throughout Asia. It has recently entered into the market of the United States and ever since, its popularity is gaining as the day progresses. In the European countries, detox ionithermie is being recommended as an alternative to the liposuction procedure the operative method to get rid of extra fat.

The key benefit of detox ionithermie is eliminating cellulites from the human body. There is considerable increase in the muscle and the skin tone. It also helps to lose some weight, regulates mineral composition of the skin and inner organs, and maintains firmness of the skin. The program improves blood circulation to specific areas and subsequently, there is better lymphatic drainage from the body. As a whole, detox ionithermie helps in our relaxation process. Working at the cellular level, detox ionithermie gives respite from the cellulites that we gain during our normal aging process. Despite of its all benefits, a sitting of detox ionithermie takes an hour or so to be completed.

Detox ionithermie, as the name suggests, involves inflow of electric current and the generation of heat. It is a rational combination of organic compounds along with stimulation by electrical flow.

As the patient comes for a session of detox ionithermie, he gets a session of thorough full body massage. Sometimes, a soft skin brush is also used to rough up some part of the skin for better electrical flow. After that, a mixture of organic algae having some cleaning property, different amino acids mainly RNA, ivy, Guarana is applied all over the body. All of these materials are kept in their place using a wrap up technique using a fabric that is a good conductor of electricity. After that, electrical stimulation is used.

Detox ionithermie uses a judicious and controlled level of both Galvanic and Faradic current. The job of the galvanic stimulation is to extract toxic ions from deep inside the body by throwing positive and negative ions. And the Faradic current flow helps to increase the skin and muscle tone.

A technician therapist has to monitor the procedure all through until it is completed. He has to fine tune the electrical flow from time to time to offer the best possible effectiveness to the user. As the electrical stimulation is completed, the clay along with the herbs and other materials are cleared. A gentle moisturizing lotion is then applied all over the body for some soothing effect. Only noted side effect of detox ionithermie is skin rash, redness and irritation. This is transient and wanes off quickly.

The cost of a detox ionithermie session varies considerably from one place to another. A session of Detox ionithermie cost between US$ 60 to US$ 170. Most of the good spas across the country are offering detox ionithermie nowadays.

In this world of rat race, it is always better to allow your body for a session of detox ionithermie to get complete physical and psychological relaxation.


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