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Health benefits of taking green tea

Green tea, a type of detox tea is a novel derivative of the tea plant ? Camellia sinensis. It has been in discussion for more than 4000 years. Green tea was an essential part of Chinese traditional system of medicine. Green tea or detox tea is recognized as original product of Camellia sinensis because the preparation of processed leaves from the raw leaves incorporates less time and mechanized conversion. Thus the oxidative process is also less. You can distinguish the green tea from the more popular oolong tea or the black or brown tea.

Detox green tea is prepared from the raw tea leaves that are not fermented. As the fermentation process involves oxidative reactions, the main antioxidant ? EpiGalloCatechin Gallate (EGCG) present in the green tea, is retained in highest concentrations.

Antioxidants are identified as the substances those are free radical scavenger. Free radicals are some harmful substances which are produced during the metabolic process. Every free radical molecule is unstable as it is consists of a less electron. Thus it seizes its electron from another stable molecule only to make it unstable ? again a free radical. Thus the process goes on in a cyclical manner. These free radicals can change the cell morphology by interfering with the DNA synthesis and even they can accelerate cell death.

EGCG can neutralize the free radicals and thus it can lower and sometimes bring to an end of the cell damage caused by the free radicals.

Detox teas are popular across China, Thailand and India since a long time. In Indian and Chinese system of traditional medicine, detox tea or the green tea is taken as energy drink, to encourage urination (thus the harmful metabolic substances are washed out from our body) as astringent (controlling and to stop the bleeding and also wound healing). It is also prescribed to improve the cardiac function. Detox tea can also be used to control high blood pressure, control high fever, to lower high blood sugar, as an aid to digestion besides improving mental alertness.

The effect of detox tea has been studied in human and other different laboratory animals. The observations from these studies suggest that detox tea can be beneficial in the following conditions:

In diabetics: patients of Type I Diabetes can get great relief from using detox tea. In these patients, the pancreas gland can not produce enough insulin due to damage to its s cells. Detox tea can bring back the normal functioning of the gland. The catechin present in the detox tea has the potential to regenerate the damaged s cells. It also stimulates the process of neoglucogenesis (the physical mechanism by which the free glucose present in blood is converted to glycogen and it can be stored).

In cardiac patients: detox tea can lower the bad cholesterol (LDL and the VLDL). The detoxification property also increases the egood cholesterolf ? the HDL which can lower the blood level of VLDL and the chylomicrons. eBad cholesterolsf increases the stickiness of the blood and there is increased chance of clot formation.

In cancer patients: several studies have been conducted and it is found that polyphenols present in detox tea can prevent the carcinogens (substances that promote cancer formation). Polyphenols can also kills the cancer cells and helps the normal cells to remain healthy. In a population based study, it is seen that EGCG present in detox tea can prevent spreading of cancer cells.

In liver diseases: people who take 10-12 cups of detox tea daily are less prone to any liver diseases. Results from studies conducted on laboratory an animal has shown that catechins present in the detox tea can regenerate the damaged liver cells.

Most of the benefits of detox teas are yet to be discovered, but constant researches are going on to enlighten us about other benefits of this healthy drink.


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