Detox Foot Patch

Detox foot patch is a convenient way to detox. It's simple and yet effective. The foot patch is simply a patch sachet filled with some natural plant-based ingredients that includes tourmaline, vinegars, natural vitamin sources, herbs, and mushrooms.

According to old practices from Japan; a man's soles are the second most important organs after the heart. The reason behind this is because the soles of our feet have the greatest numbers of capillary endings. Due to this reason, detox foot patches are recommended to be applied directly on the soles. The patches can remove waste, toxins, microscopic parasites, heavy metals and chemicals.

When applied on the soles of the feet, these detox patches extract toxins from the body through the blood that circulates in the soles. It's recommended that the patches are applied on the feet before going to bed and be left there for about 8 hours. While it's perfectly fine to use it during the daytime, it's more effective during the night because when we sleep, our body's natural healing mechanism takes over and these patches can work in harmony with our bodyfs natural rejuvenation process to better extract toxins. Make sure to drink plenty of water during the detox process to assist your body in extracting those harmful toxins and chemicals that have accumulated.

Be prepared for a fascinating result when you wake up in the morning. Removing the patches, you will notice a color change on the patches. By now, the detox patches would have turned dark black, sticky and with a pungent smell. Changes in the smell and color of the sachet indicate the amount and degree of toxins that have been extracted from your body.

Use these detox foot patches constantly and after some time, you will notice that the patches show less and less discoloration. This is a good sign. It shows that your body now has fewer toxins to be discarded and you are on your way to healthier and more fulfilling life.

Other than these visually noticeable changes, you will find that you feel more energetic and healthier. Combine the use of detox foot patch with healthy diets and constant exercises and you will feel better in no time.


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