Detox Foot Pads

When a patient is down with some form of illness, detoxification helps them recover faster. Although being controversial, patching of natural ingredients to the foot is not new among the medical doctors in certain parts of the world. Actually, it is a common practice among the oriental medical practitioners.

After applying them to the sole of one’s foot, the ingredients contained in the patches starts to imitate and drain out the toxic materials from the body. Most of us had doubts that is it really so simple to detoxify the body. That is the reason for some medical practitioners labeling the treatment as scams.

However, there are a number of reports claiming that foot detox pad has cured people from diseases like sleeping problems and migraines. The only possible explanation to both the distinct opinions is that only few of these foot patches work whereas others do not.

These foot pads are alike traditional bandages and pads in all respect, but in their adhesiveness. This adhesive nature of the pads is responsible for keeping it intact and safely over one’s foot.

These pads are manufactured by a number of manufacturers with each one using different formulas. However, bamboo vinegar and wood are most common ingredients of a foot pad. Despite the absence of any scientific proof regarding the effectiveness of these ingredients, many persons have claimed it to be successful.

It is advisable to have product reviews online, before trying any kind of product. As not all the patches are made of same components, one should have close attention to the different brands, as they are all different. One can easily find information about these products by searching for “detox foot pads” on One should look for the different product ratings and reviews on the website, as they can be higher for some brands/manufacturers.

Reading the product reviews is one of the best ways to estimate the success of any product. However, enquiries regarding the foot pads should be dealt with great caution. There would be various claims regarding the color change of the foot pad stating that this phenomenon occurs due to the detoxification process of the body. However, some also claim that the change is due to mixing of the above-cited vinegar and sweat and is not toxin.

When dealing with the product reviews for this product, one should always go for the detailed reviews and not for the shorter ones claiming various short of things, such as, “I have seen toxins myself”. Instead, he/she should look for the reviews where people are discussing about certain definite improvements in their skin, health and overall wellbeing. As this is the main purpose of using a detox product, a detox should make one feel a “new” and more energetic person.

On average, one would have to spend just $15 to $30 for a 5-day pack of detox foot pads. For some of us, it is not a large investment and can give a try. But, for the others who can not afford to give it a try, should go for more cheaper and natural methods. Consumption of organic foods can be of great help as it prevents new toxins from riding up, thus, allowing one’s body enough time to eliminate the previously stored toxins. Despite being difficult because of the absence of solid foods, water and juice fasting is one of the cheapest and best methods available in the recent times.


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