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More and more people are turning to detox diets to cleanse their body of the toxic substances consumed each day. Of course to do this means you must consume nothing else but natural foods. Part of the detox diet is to drink lots of water and/or fruit juice and consuming lots of vegetables… if you want any of the benefits that come from body detoxification.

Celebrities are also using detox diets to cleanse their body. It's been said that both alcohol and drug rehab centers use body detox to cleanse the patient of the alcohol and drugs. Since the practice is so widespread, you may be wondering if you should have a go at it yourself.

Toxins and Detox Diets

Believe it or not, detox diets are just as bad as other fad diets that people tend to follow. After all, they have side effects that can do some real harm especially if teenagers decide to use it. The first thing to worry with is toxins, which can come from an array of sources like water and food, the chemicals sprayed on food to grow and prepare them and from breathing the air. When toxins get into the body, it processes them using the body's natural detoxification system and is removed by way of feces, sweat and urine.

Not A Scientific Proven Diet - What Toxins Can Do To The Body

All the theories surrounding detox diets have yet to be scientifically proven but the supporters of it claim the human body cannot get rid of the toxins accurately. Thus, the toxins build up in many of its systems as well as in the hair and skin.

Toxins, when allowed to accumulate, can attribute to many of the health problems people face including bloated stomachs, headaches and lack of energy. The human body is surrounded with toxic substances like unhealthy foods and pollution... too much for even it to handle.

The central premise behind detox diets is to disallow the body any unhealthy food that contains lots of toxins. During fasting periods, the body is given time to rid itself of the built up toxins. Look at it as a way of giving the body a break.

Detox Diets - All The Same?

All detox diets are not the same. Most of them entail some kind of fasting, which means giving up foods for several days and then bringing in some foods into the diet slowly. Many of them will suggest doing a colonic irrigation or, in layman's terms, an enema in order for you to cleanse your colon. Some suggest taking herbal supplements to hasten this purification process.

There are a wide range of detox diets to choose from. They generally involve a liquid diet for two days and then introducing foods back into it for another four to five days; usually in the form of brown rice, steamed vegetables and fruit. After a week of these foods, other foods can be included. However, these foods should be avoided:

- Eggs
- Junk food
- Prepackaged foods
- Red meat
- Sugar
- Wheat

Are There Any Benefits Of Detox Diets? What Are The Risk?

Supporters of these diets claim that they hold many benefits such as:

- Boosting energy levels
- Preventing/curing diseases
- Clear head/more focused

While following a high fiber, low fat diet has many of the same benefits but detox diets supporters claim the healthy feelings comes from the toxins purging.

Detox diets are not meant as a long-term solution. The reason is that teenagers must have nutritional foods in the diet to keep up growth and development. Thus, a diet that promotes fasting or severely limits foods is not a good thing. For any athletic teen, fasting will not give them the appropriate amount of energy to continue playing. Thus, these diets can be very dangerous for them. These kinds of diets should not be used by people who have an eating disorder, diabetics or have low blood sugar.

Detox diets can also be addictive especially for people who are extremely fanatical about being healthy. The reason is: once they begin feeling health y off their first detox and reaping the benefits from it, they'll become addicted and do the diet anytime they feel somewhat out of sorts even from a common headache and bloated stomach. The addiction can cause major health problems down the road.

On top of that… most of the supplements used in these diets are laxatives... designed to make people use the restroom more. These are not good because they can cause dehydration, digestive system problems and mineral imbalances.

For people who use detox diets to drop weight, they will find the majority of the weight is water and some muscle, which is needed by the body. Long-term fasting can also slow the metabolism down, making it much harder to lose weight or keep it off.

That doesn't mean eating lots of fruits, vegetables and fiber as well as drinking lots of water isn't a good thing. The key is to moderate, as too much of anything good can be bad. If a person wants to stay healthy, they must have a balanced, nutritious diet that comes from eating a variety of foods including:

- Beans
- Calcium – low fat or fat free milk and/or yogurt
- Eggs
- Lean meats
- Peas

Never begin a detox diet or omit the major food groups without first talking to a dietician or doctor first. Bear in mind that the human body can purify itself. The body's liver and kidney function will work as they should so long as a healthy diet is followed. This means the body must have lots of water, fruits, vegetables and fiber.

A detox diet, done every six months to a year, is a good thing because it can help the body rid itself of the toxins that have built up. Again, the key is to moderate the diet, not to follow it for a long time.


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