Why Detox Diet Is Good For Your Gastrointestinal Tract?

Many toxins and other such unnecessary and harmful things find their way into the body via the gastrointestinal tract. This tract consists of mouth, teeth, esophagus, stomach, small intestine, and the large intestine. Organs such as salivary glands, pancreas, gall bladder, mucous glands, and liver are also the components of the tract.

According to the book "The New Detox Diet" by Elson M. Haas and Daniella Chace, the assimilation of most of the nutrients obtained from food occurs in the small intestine. The colon absorbs water, and the bile absorbs salts.

Slight disruptions in the tract may increase the permeability of the tract, which leads to the abnormal absorption of nutrients. A wonderful way to get rid of unnecessary substances and toxins accrued in the body is a detox diet. But what exactly are the unnecessary things that are harmful to the gastro intestinal tract and that we are trying to remove using this diet?

There are many foods and chemicals which affect the GI tract negatively; e.g. refined foods and sugar, excess fatty and rich foods, food chemicals, pesticides, environmental toxins, alcohol, caffeine, and nicotine, drugs (all types-prescription, over-the-counter, and recreational). Overeating and chewing the food less than once or twice per mouthful, too impacts the tract adversely; and so does an imbalanced diet. A diet which lacks fibers and whole foods, more generally, fruits, vegetables, whole grains and legumes, also harms the GI tract.

Detox diet helps to cure ulcers and some such minor tissue problems. It also betters the tone and shape of both the intestines. Removal of bad bacteria like Candida and harmful yeasts is another effect of this diet. It also maintains the pH balance of the system. Some people are unaware of the fact that itís only a matter of time when even a minor metabolic problem, say constipation, left untreated, may grower to a larger threat. Apart from being a potential threat, constipation also causes stress and discomfort. Hence frequent elimination of toxins is a necessary criterion for a good overall health.

A popular and effective way of detoxifying the body is consumption of more fibers and water. Dandelions, a special type of herb which is a natural diuretic, can also be used to effective measures. Dandelions increase urine production by helping the kidney to excrete more salt and water, thus removing them from the body.

The Chinese have used dandelions since long as a natural remedy for digestive disorders and appendicitis. These days dandelions even come in the form of teas. However, consumption of this herb may lead to an increase in stomach acidity and heartburn. Hence, people suffering from gallbladder and gallstones must not use this herb.

Detoxification can also be achieved by drinking fresh fruit juices. The effectiveness of any detox diet can be multiplied manifold by cutting down on consumption of meat, fatty food and other harmful and unnecessary foods and chemicals which harm the GI tract. Having well planned and balanced meal is extremely important in a detox program. But special care is required as this diet may leave a starved feeling for the diet duration and overdoing the diet may also cause hyperacidity.

Before starting any diet, it is necessary to know whether the diet is safe for you or not, based on your weight and pH balance. It is always advisable to consult a doctor before deciding on a diet plan.


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