Detox Diet Facts

In order to remove the toxins from the body, detox diet is used. In order to use the methods there are some points that have to be kept in mind.

First and foremost, detox diet does not help in shedding of weight. It only helps in the flushing out of toxins from the system and cleaning the system. While following the detox diet, one has to pertain from consuming some types of food, and have laxatives in order to clean the liver and intestine.

During the detox diet program, one needs to eat an extra amount of vegetables and fruits, preferably raw, because processed and cooked food have lesser amount of minerals and vitamins. People who took this diet claim to feel better and much healthier and energetic.

People suffering from eating disorders, diabetes, heart diseases or any other problems should not even consider taking this diet. Also pregnant or nursing women should refrain from this diet. Itís anytime better to take the doctor's advice before starting the diet regime. This diet should be avoided by teenagers as it may refrain them from certain vital minerals and vitamins which are necessary during the growth phase.

How frequent?

One should go for a detox diet once or may be twice in a year only. It should not become a frequent habit as it then may become as an addiction, people tend to get addicted to it as they get addicted to drugs and smoking. People getting addicted, find it very hard to come out of it and eventually develop heart diseases or eating disorders or sometimes may even die.

Even though detox diet is healthy, it also comes with its share of side effects such as headache, hunger, acne, petulance and hunger. These conditions are also experienced when you have detox supplements because they also are laxatives. Visits to the bathroom may become very often and that sometimes becomes a messy and embarrassing affair. Other effects are deficiency of water that leads to dehydration, loss of minerals and many more digestive disorders. In order to prevent these conditions it is necessary to drink lots of water while dieting.

The point to remember here is that loss of muscles and water during detox diet does not mean weight loss. Once the program ends and the normal diet are restarted, everything lost is regained.

So just like everything, detox diet also has its share of plus points and negative points. Now that you have the knowledge, you can decide accordingly whether to take the diet or leave it. It is still advisable to take your doctor's advice before starting the diet.

Other than detox diets, there is other programs too for cleaning the system. One program that works for a person may not for another. So it is better to do under the doctor's supervision.


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