Customizing Your Body Detox

Body detox programs are like stars in the sky; there are so many of them and choosing one thatfs suitable for you can be a difficult task. Therefs a good side to this huge number of detox programs available because with that many options, you can pick a body detox program that is especially for you. By picking and choosing some of the finer points from the different programs available, you can modify and customize your own detox system that works best for your body.

Body detox systems and programs are aplenty out there already. There are those that come with pre-made plans, pills and more for you. There are others that might come as a pre-packaged juice or drink of some kind. Others may entail you making your own drinks or liquid foods or water fasting and other caloric restriction diets.

Some examples of types of detox systems are:
- Herbal detox
- Colon cleansing
- Juice fasting
- Water fasting
- Detox baths
- Minimal eating
- Caloric restriction
- and many others

Do remember to do some research on these different detox programs and select one that will work best for you. Replace portion of the detox programs that you think will not work for you with parts taken from other detox programs. Customize it anyway you like as long the end result achieve your goal of detoxing your body.

Some detox programs last for 24 hours to 3 days, others may be as long as 10 days to two weeks. Normally, the programs with a longer duration are more thorough and involve many different steps aside from just what you consume. There are those that include body massage, skin brushing and other techniques such as breathing, journaling exercises and more.

Many of the most popular detox systems are liquid type diet such as juice or water fasts. These types of programs require you to drink only a certain type of juice or liquid for a period of several days at a time. Some programs might also allow you to have water and nothing else.

You may have also heard of Stanley Burroughs and his famous gLemonade Dieth. It was also known as the Master Cleanser and requires you to drink only lemonade for a particular amount of time.

Colon cleansing is also a popular detox program. The gHawaiian Colon Cleanseh is a popular colon-cleansing program but there are many other types you can buy to use at home that are inexpensive and easy to use. When you customize your own system, you can get only what you need and want and what you feel works best for you.


Table Of Contents

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Kidneys detox explored



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