Cream Less Spinach Soup

What is a detox diet? It is a diet that is made to cleanse the body of the free radicals and toxins that have accumulated in the body over a period of time. Not necessarily that the diet will have to be boring but quite on the contrary, the diet may be comprised of wholesome vegetables and can be delicious as well. That was the taste factor taken care of now the most important thing of detox diet is that it restores the body into its previous healthy state by choosing the right kind of food for you.

Here is a recipe for detox diet
Given below is a sample diet, just to give you an idea how detox diet should be. The recipe is very good for a meal or snack.

Cream less Spinach Soup
Spinach is replete with iron, vitamins and calcium; it also consists of the essential fiber. Care should be taken that the foods be organic because they are made without using herbicides, fertilizers or pesticides and hence the effect of the toxins from this diet is cancelled out.

Water, 6 cups
Cold pressed olive oil, 2 tablespoons
Sprig thyme, 1
Bay leaves, 2
Diced leek, 1 cup
Diced celery, 1 cup
Diced carrots, 1 cup
Diced onion, 1cup
Chopped garlic, 1 teaspoon
And finally chopped spinach, 2 pounds

Take a large pot, foe two minutes; take olive oil and sauté garlic in it and then add the rest of the ingredients like the celery, carrots, onion, and leek. When the onions look translucent it indicates that it is cooked then add water, bay leaves, thyme. Boil the whole thing and then reduce the heat, let it simmer; cover it up and after sixty minutes take the pot away from heat and cool it for another hour and then strain out the bay leaves and thyme.

Take this mixture and make a puree of it in a blender or food processor then add spinach to it and cook it in medium heat till the spinach has wilted. Don't overcook the spinach as it destroys the nutritional value it has. Cooking does take away some of the nutrient value of fruits as well as veggies so it is best to take veggies and fruits raw at times, only after washing it thoroughly.

The basics of detox diet recipes
Don't be confined to this Cream less spinach soup recipe, there are more and get to know them if you really care about living healthy. Detox program are very effective if you have many vegetable recipes to choose from, the variety keeps you on track to maintain a detox diet or else the same thing can make it very boring. Also having many veggies and fruits included in the diet helps you to have many types of nutrients, vitamins, minerals etc. Take care not to eat fast foods, meat, dairy products, eggs etc during the time you are maintaining a detox diet because it defeats the purpose of detoxification. Also learn how to use herbs and spice and to cook in healthy oils to make your detox diet interesting.


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