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Natural Body Detox Plan

Before beginning a detox plan of any sort, check with you physician. He or she will evaluate your medical history and current condition, and may order blood tests. You will need to discuss your eating habits as well. Your doctor or nutritionist will be able to advise you about which detox plan to follow for your specific situation and health condition.

Doing this careful preparation will ensure that your detox plan will work well, since it is tailored to your individual needs and symptoms. Now all you have to do is stick with the program and you will soon feel better than ever. Here are the key tips for success in detox:

1) Stick to a healthy eating plan. A diet with lots of protein will help increase vitality and energy levels and support your immune system. Just 3 days on a detox diet will get your body clean from the inside out.

Restrict your diet to light meals and fruit juice for a few days. Eating veggies only for a few days will increase the protein in your body. Add some fresh fish to the diet and try to stay on a reasonably healthy eating plan even after your detox is over. This way the toxic substances will not build up so quickly in the body and you will feel better longer.

2) When your bowels and stomach are not functioning correctly and you're feeling bloated or you have heartburn, try some natural herbal remedies to flush the body's toxins. Fiber is the key to cleaning the digestive tract. A laxative herb such as psyllium will help with the cleanse. You can also include acidophilus and aloe vera in powder form, along with betonite clay. You can do a cleanse from the opposite direction at the same time with an enema. Use water, herbs or weak coffee to wash the colon.

3) Keeping healthy, energetic and regular requires exercise as well. It is not enough to just watch your diet. Sweat is an important way that the body releases poisons. Sweat rids the body of waste products via the pores of your skin. Working out will also keep your metabolism moving at a quick pace, which is great for your health and for losing weight as well. Make sure to stay hydrated with plenty of H20 before during and after your workout sessions. Take antioxidant, vitamins and mineral supplements if you are not getting enough in your diet.

4) Before you take a bath or shower, try dry-brushing your skin to slough off dead cells and encourage the production of new skin cells. Take a sauna to increase the sweating and toxin-flushing.

5) Get a massage now and then to go along with your detox diet and exercise plan. This will help you de-stress your body as well as your brain. Let your worries and anxieties flow out of your body along with the other toxic substances.

6) Get plenty of sleep to recharge you batteries. It's essential to allow your body time to rebuild itself and also allow you to enjoy your dreams. Yoga is also recommended to promote body and breathing awareness and stillness. Balance your chakras with yoga sessions and your body and mind will be renewed.

Make a plan incorporating several of these suggestions for diet, exercise and rest. You will feel younger and full of life over the long term.




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