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The human body is a wondrous machine, highly complicated in its structure; steered by the complex brain and propelled by the tireless coordinated working of hundreds of individual parts. We take in nourishment to drive the body, and the body takes what it wants and sends out the waste through the excretory system. If the toxic waste is not disposed off, it stagnates and clogs the whole system and leads to weight gain, skin problems, fatigue and loss of appetite. This calls for a colon cleanse.

Colonix by Dr.Natura is just the right product to flush out unwanted toxic matter that has clogged up inside your intestines to cause damage to your body. This product works by the simple concept of using dietary fibers to absorb the waste and flush it out of the system. The manufacturing company, Dr.Natura, has been in this field for more than ten years and they have a team of experienced staff who offer support round the clock.

To know more about how the Colonix by Dr.Natura works, first, letís get to the history of the treatment method. It was discovered first by the ancient Egyptians that sometimes, food that gets into the digestive system is not digested properly and starts rotting in the intestines. This decomposed food gets converted to toxins and sticks to the walls of the intestine, moves from there to the respiratory system and causes infection leading to high temperature. By cleaning the colon, we can remove this toxic substance and cure the body of its fatigue, aches and obesity caused by these toxins.

How do we remove these toxins? This is where Colonix helps. Colonix has up to 40 natural ingredients that help cleanse the colon. The main ingredient is Psyllium. This is a dietary fiber that works by absorbing water. When it absorbs excess water in the intestines, it starts gaining mass and draws out toxic fecal matter thatís stuck in the walls of the intestine. Once the fecal matter is absorbed by the fiber, Colonix induces bowels through which all the wastes get sent out of the body.

Continuous use of Colonix helps eradicating unwanted wastes stuck in the bowels and makes you feel free and more energetic. It also removes parasites and bacteria present in the colon tract. While harmful bacteria get flushed out of the body with the aid of Colonix, some of the friendly bacteria that help in digestion also get sent out. ďToxinoutĒ works in harmony with Colonix to restore the levels of friendly bacteria through probiotic supplements. This way, a balance is achieved.

First time users are recommended to use the Colonix program for a minimum of two months. Users who have stayed on this two months regime claim this product has been wonderful in reducing weight and body mass, curing them of constipation and irregular bowels, relief from bloating and flatulence and has most of all, increased their energy levels and changed their entire living style from a dull and listless existence to an active and dynamic living. They have also experience a better looking skin and hair and a relief from skin problems like acne.

Itís important to drink sufficient water and fruit juices when you are on this program. You may experience a few mild side effects like headaches and bloating. Keep in touch with the Colonix customer care to get your doubts answered. You may want to consult your doctor before you start this program too because the Kleri Tea which is part of the Colonix package has a component that may have side effects when taken on a regular basis.

To sum up, Colonix by Dr.Natura is a reliable and effective product to use for colon cleansing with good back up service and believable good reviews.


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