Pros and Cons of Colonics

Before we analyze the pros and cons of colonics, let us look at the advantages as well as the likely risks of the procedure. The food that get stuck in the colon, hider proper absorption of water and essential minerals and therefore should be cleaned up. When water absorption is not proper to the amount, the body has high chances of getting dehydrated reducing the functioning of the body. Minerals help in formation of important body fluids and organs. So when there is no proper absorption of minerals, the body is either malnourished or not functioning properly. Another major benefit of these colonics is that it checks the growth and development of micro organisms, thus reducing the chances of colon diseases. Some diseases that it helps to cure are severe headaches, straining of chest muscle because of clogged colon, problem related to arthritis etc. Generally these colon diseases lead to further complications that are very hard to cure.

Now after the benefits of colonics, let us find out what can be the possible shortcomings or the negative impacts that it may lead to. Though it can cure many severe diseases but complications may occur because of constant penetration of foreign things into our bodies. They can cause a severe injury to our body’s internal features making the wounds severely infected. You may also experience severe pain when you pass out your waste faecal matter through your wounded places. Another disadvantage of colonic is its limitation of application. Healthy people generally do not face any complications like rectal tumors, cardiac and kidney problems can safely apply but some healthy ones are allergic to the water used or their body react with the materials used and are unable to continue the procedure.

There is another drawback of the colonic procedure. The repeated process might lead to too much soaking of internal organs. This can be dangerous in causing imbalance of body composition and diffusion of water into lungs (which is similar to drowning) leading to death at once when a certain level is reached. So proper management of colonic is required to avoid serious problems and investigations are necessary before the procedure is performed.

So before you decide to go through the colonics process check the advantages as well as the evident risk involved. A good physician should perform a complete examination of his patient before undergoing the colonics procedure and the patient should not hide anything that is known to have an effect on him. If you want to the advantages to overrule the disadvantages, take the necessary precautions to lessen the fatal results.


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