Colon Detox

Why we need colon detox

Colon detox should be an essential part of our life. In our today's hectic world we all rush through our lives, cramming more and more work in our already full schedule or just plain disregard for a healthy lifestyle, either way we are damaging our body's ability to function properly. We hardly have time to make good healthy nutritious food for ourselves so instead we stuff ourselves up with fast food. Not only that, our environment has degraded considerably over the period of years due to all sorts of pollution, that the very air we breathe in, or the water we drink has become poison to us; the food that we consume comes soaked in preservatives, chemical additives and what not.

The outcome, is decreased health, largely our digestive system, respiratory system, immune system etc are harmed by unceremonious stuffing of fast food and other ill practices, whether we acknowledge it or not, fast foods contain quiet a number of harmful toxins. They are not easily rid off by the body, and hence start the long accumulation of such unnatural chemicals, until someday the symptoms of aliments start to show. The sad part is, even after the symptoms we keep on following the same habits that gave birth to it in the first place. Some are not even aware of colon detox and that they can do something to help cleanse the colon.

How a colon detox can help you

One way to rectify such atrocities against the body is by following a detox program such as a colon detox program, which basically is a diet followed to get rid of the toxins which have accumulated in the body.

colon detox

Let us focus on the colon, which is to absorb the essentials from the digested food and the rest is passed as faecal matter, but sometimes the waste doesn't leave the colon completely and over accumulation forms a strong tight mass which produces toxins which seep through the walls of the colon and released into the blood stream. Thereby giving rise to many other problems in the body.

There are primarily three detoxification approaches for colon detox (also commonly known as colon cleanse) by which healthy colon can be cleansed, the first one is detox diet, it is the most popular one because of the benefits it provides, which is apart from cleaning the colon it also reduces body weight. The diet considered is fibre rich, also called roughage; they help to scrub the colon off the toxins and also the long accumulated wastes. Drinking ample, clean mineral or filtered water helps in easy bowel movements through the colon. Diet including veggies and whole grains are most helpful, veggies such as carrots, cauliflower, mangoes, guava, jackfruits etc should be eaten, apart from the diet, endeavour should be made to include these in our regular diet also.

Second, the colon can be flushed off toxins manually too and third, medical process; medication can prove to be harmful in the long run, because, such remedies have side effects. There is potential of other problems to arise from the medication used, instead of using drugs there is however the option of using herbs for treatment to cleanse the colon and get rid of the toxins. The herbs or the ayurvedic treatment don't have any side effects and is friendly to the inner body systems. Being too vigorous on the colon detox program is a bad idea since; the body requires good bacteria in the colon for digestion, cleansing will remove such bacteria and deny the body of the benefits received, by such bacteria.

Colon detox precaution

It should be kept in mind that a colon detox should be carried only for a certain period of time, preferably once or twice a year, but it will not stretch long. And also diet should be followed according to the method prescribed by a detox dietician. Although diet might see harmless, depending upon record of illness diet can play a major role to effect dormant ailments; hence professional help must be sought out.

Benefits of colon cleansing

The benefits of a colon detox are the feelings of rejuvenation, refreshed as well as the strengthening of the immune system and also there is considerable loss of weight too.


Ways To Detox Your Colon

Do you ever feel bloated and lethargic, especially after eating? Are you tired all the time these days? Well, it could be time to consider a colon detox or also known as colon cleanse. Toxins tend to accumulate in the bowels and make you feel awful. A colon cleanse is easy to do and it will rid your body of bad bacteria and parasites.

The hardest part of a cleanse may be in selecting the right colon detox system for you. You will see many different choices online and in local health food and drug stores. Most of these are made of natural herbs that will help your body eliminate the toxins that may be making you ill. You can follow the simple steps detailed in the package and get rid of that bloated, unhealthy feeling.

First - look for a cleanse product that is not harsh on your body, yet will work in a reasonable period of time. There are many different colon detoxes out there, so you should be able to find what you are looking for.

Second - you need to go over the steps listed in the package details. Do not make any changes to the directions given. These colon cleansing systems are safe when used as detailed on the box. Make sure to follow the directions closely.

Third -Please make sure you thoroughly comprehend all the directions give on the package for your colon detox. At best, your cleanse will not work to make you feel better if you don't do the correct steps. At worst it could make you sick. You are doing something good for your body, so take some time to be certain you understand how to prepare the drink mixture and how often and for how long to use it. Most products will have a toll free phone number on the box or an email address for questions. Your pharmacist would also be a good person to consult for clarification.

Fourth - be aware that many detox packages come with several treatment's worth of ingredients. Do not use it all at once unless the directions specify to do so. If you drink too much of the cleanse mixture, you may end up cleansing too fast, and this is harmful to your health.

Fifth - some people are under the impression that a cleanse will take place immediately after drinking the first glass of mixture. It actually works over a period of time. If you have ever had a cleanse in a clinic setting, it may have worked much faster than a home version can be expected to. The home colon detox is very gentle due to the fact that, unlike a clinic, there are no experts or medical personnel at your house. You may need to repeat your detox several times to remove all the accumulated toxins in your body.

In order for your cleanse to work properly, you must follow the meal plan in the kit. The meal plan included in the kit is a big part of the cleanse the drink mixture alone will not do the trick. In general you are instructed to eat healthy, small meals. Do not eat any junk foods or preservative-laden snacks, which would slow down your digestive system. You will need to drink a lot of water and other liquids as may be listed in your colon detox kit.


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