Choosing Healthier Beverages

Water is the most essential component of our life and we cannot survive without water. It is a true fact that we will die without drinking water for few days as it is very important for the survival. As per the estimate nearly 8 glasses of water is essential for our body to remain healthy.

It is clearly revealed that the human body is made up of 82% water and also it is known that a mere drop of 2% water in the body can cause lot if issues to the health condition including troubles while performing the basic activities on daily basis.

Water is the best liquid in order to remain healthy all through out the life. You can never imagine about surviving without water but still there are many people who don't drink adequate amount of pure water. Instead they compensate by drinking various aerated drinks and those with many artificial flavors and all. This will definitely bring ill effects to the body condition through many means thereby causing lot of troubles. This is mainly due to the presence of large amount of toxins dissolved in them.

Caffeine is content in the drink that can bring harmful effects to the body conditions. This will never bring good effects to the body conditions instead will bring about a negative effect that can basically cause nervousness. Nervousness is not at all good for remaining healthy and apart from that the increased consumption of coffee can also lead to many sleepless nights. This irregular sleeping patterns leading to the condition of insomnia will definitely lead to the weakening of the body conditions. Sometimes people will slowly get addicted to caffeine and will start showing various symptoms like headaches without taking coffee. Therefore appropriate measures must be taken to limit the amount of coffee consumption and this can be achieved by self initiation.

Another control that must be taken is in case of drinks with more sugar contents. These drinks will definitely give more energy after consumption but with the passage of time the energy level will drop down after completing the burning of the sugar contents. You might have noticed children jumping up and down after taking these types of drinks and after certain time frame you can seen them highly exhausted and tired. This is mainly due to burning of the sugar contents from the body. Also you should avoid the sugar in take to prevent the formation of diabetics. There are 5 ways to cut sugar from your routine diet menu.

You will be able to gain more energy and will remain fit all through out with greater life span if you avoid the sugary drinks. You can compensate the intake of sugary drinks with water, teas, and juices along with regular exercises.

It is natural that you might find difficulties to remain away from coffee and sugary substances. You should try your level best on thinking about the substances that can harm the body as majority of them are present in the sugar particles. You should confidently and strongly say no to all the sugary drinks to remain fit for ever.

You should cut down the level of intake of coffee or other carbonated sugary drinks in order to get out of the addiction towards these drinks. After moving in this trend for about few weeks slowly your liking to the drink will vanish and you will be able to stand still without taking these drinks.

You can shift to herbal tea. It is natural that you may not like the taste all of a sudden. You should slowly start sipping these drinks quite often and within few days you will get used to the taste and this is really good for the body condition. At the same time if you are not used to drinking plain water, you can initially try out with ice. The same way you will also get used to water and will also feel much better when compared to taking carbonated drinks.

You can try out green tea with various other substances in order to make ice tea or sun tea and so on. This will be tastier than the original green tea. This is very important as it contains catechin polyphenols like epigallocatechin gallate. This is also referred as EGCC. This helps in fighting against cancer thereby acting as a good antioxidant. This also has the properties to prevent the risk of esophageal cancer. Learn more about green tea antioxidants.

This article highlights the fact that health beverages are equally important just like the type of food you are taking on regular basis in order to remain healthy all throughout. This will definitely help you to select your drinks wisely without causing any troubles to the body conditions.


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