Brain Detox Diets To Treat Stress And Depression

We humans have been given a wide choice of foods, some of which are good for the health and nutritious as well while the rest are not. And whatever we eat all through the day and for weeks and months altogether are what we truly are. Also the foods we eat can directly influence our feelings and thoughts as well. To begin with, a day dawns with the morning tea or coffee and then we indulge in all our favorite foods; pizzas, hotdogs, chocolates etc. All these foods can disturb our system and create health hazards for us. Though this isn’t the platform to actually explain all the minute details of the various foods and its effect on our mood, but we’ve tried narrating things in brief to at least give you a clear picture about the brain detox diets.

Brain detox diets are specially meant for detoxifying the brain in particular, which is stuck in some typical and undesirable pattern. These diets mainly comprise of the essential amino acids needed for the proper functioning of the brain.

Depression can be cured with foods containing amino acids like:

- Tyrosine

- Phenylalanine

- Trytophan

Supplements containing amino acids can also be taken, but it is always better to get them from our regular and natural foods. It would also be less expensive as compared to the supplements available.

Tyrosine can be found in whole eggs, egg white and soy. These are the major sources. You can also get this amino acid in cheese, yeast, meat and seaweed. Tyrosine is basically a major component of human adrenalin, cortisol, noradrenalin and dopamine- these are the neurotransmitters of the brain that helps in responding to the positive forms of stress as well as pleasure.

Phenylalanine can be found in soy protein, egg white, yeast, tofu, seaweed, parmesan cheese, cold water fish and sesame seeds. It can also be highly found in cheese, meats and legumes. Chocolates are also believed to be rich in this particular amino acid. The effect of phenylalanine can be noticed in people suffering from mild depression.

The amino acid Trytophan can be abundantly found in soy protein, egg white, pumpkin seeds and sesame seeds. In lesser quantities, it can be found in fish and meat. Niacin belongs to the group B vitamin and can be converted by the body into trytophan, but it is always easy to have this amino acid from the foods or from supplements as it can then be absorbed even easily. Trytophan helps in relieving insomnia.

Through detox diets, we generally understand those diets that can help us in detoxifying our bodies. There are many such detox diet types for you to choose from, but brain detox diets are an exception of this regard and must be chosen carefully. This particular detox diet might not be suitable for everyone and therefore it is always recommended to seek professional help before trying it out. Too much of amino acids in the body can also have adverse effects.


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