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Little do we know, toxins have a long term drawback into our bodily system. Toxins pile up if not eliminated and directly affect the functioning of our vital organs. Though our body has its own detox system, continuous toxin intake will cause the detox system to be overworked and less effective in expelling toxic materials. And when the detox system can't do its work properly, the result will be skin problems, bloatedness, halitosis, body odor and constipation. The best thing we could do really is to help our bodies get rid of these toxins by doing some detox processes.

Before going through any detox process, it is still best to learn about your body's own detox system. This will aid you in choosing the right body detox methods to go through. These methods will concentrate on the body's vital organs which include the liver, lungs, kidney, colon or the skin which we will go through in detail below.

The liver, which is located on the right part of your abdominal cavity, is the top vital organ when it comes to size as well as to function. The liver is important for expelling waste materials, serves as a storeroom for important nutrients and takes charge of blood sugar levels.

Another interesting fact about the liver is that it is also in charge of 80% of the body's cholesterol production. Thus, the liver is one organ which an individual must never take for granted. Also, the liver plays a crucial role in detoxifying the body as it helps in dissolving fats, ammonia conversion and expelling blood toxins.

The lungs, on the other hand, take control of expelling waste gas which we know by the name of carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide, little do we know, isn't only produced when it processes the air we breathe, but is also a byproduct of food metabolism passed on the bloodstream which goes through the lungs for complete riddance.

An important fact about the lungs is that it degenerates 2% yearly for people who are into smoking, in contrast with those who live healthy with only 1% degeneration. So the catch is, avoid getting into this vice, or if you already are, then try your best to stop it. It's the first step towards getting great results from any detox method.

The skin which is the biggest in terms of scope of all the organs of the body is also an important venue for detoxification. In fact, it can help expel up to two pounds of piled up toxins and excess salts per day through sweating. Never hate sweating because really this is a huge part of every detox program. So take time to exercise as this will aid in the elimination of unwanted toxins.

The colon which comprises of the large intestine, rectum and anus, can be considered as the sewage system of our body. The main purpose of the colon really is to absorb necessary nutrients and fluids, and converts waste products into feces which will be soon tossed out from the body. If your colon is not working well, toxic materials goes back into your system which is sometimes manifested by constipation, obesity and worst serious colon ailments.

And lastly, the kidneys, take charge of keeping the chemical balance of your blood. It tends to keep the ample balance of water and other materials on the blood and later on discards these extra water and other toxic materials through urination. Kidney malfunction really is brought about by the overwhelming toxic material levels that the kidney receives, which can lead to kidney failure, sepsis, and worst, death. That is why regularly aiding your kidney to clean up itself is a must.

Knowing how important each of our body organs is really an important thing, as it does not only help you figure out how our body works, but also aids us in knowing how to take good care of them and take them into consideration in choosing the right detox program.


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