Body Detoxification Via An Ionizing Footbath

In recent times, a plenty of pasty, obese or overweight American individuals, who require a certain overhauling, are very common. The toxic food substances and the water, which we intake, and the intoxicated air of the atmosphere are an unlucky way of our living style. We may find our body full, once we have taken food, but the body may be feeling starved of the nutrients required for the normal functioning let alone healing.

There are various methods available for alkalization and rebalancing of the system. One of the best available methods is "ionic footbath system".

This treatment has gained a lot of popularity over the past few years, but actually, Rife’s research in early 1930s has given us this great technology.

How Does the Ionic Footbath work?
To start the detoxification process, a pot of clean water is mixed with a good quality sea salt. Afterwards, the module is positioned in it. As soon as the system is switched on, a controlled current passes through the water that breaks it, and a bubbling action because of this can be visibly noticed. Because of breaking, an electron is displaced from its original molecule and starts seeking out for another oxygen molecule, producing negative ions, which are very powerful antioxidant, delivering more oxygen to the body. The most important process in the self-healing process of a body is alkalization and balancing of the body and these negative ions does the same. It is so, because diseases can hold only in acidic surroundings. When a body is alkalized, it starts the process of detoxification through the kidneys, liver and skin etc. and help in rebuilding of healthy tissues.

The positive ions are those atom or molecule that has lost its one electron. Free radicals are the electrons that are not paired and as a result, degeneration takes place. When someone is gazing or even sitting from of a computer screen, he/she is constantly bombarded with positive ions causing one to feel like droopy, fatigued or spaced out. Moreover, even a living in a city exposes to more ions that are positive. Have you ever wondered why one feels better when walking through forests and breathing the pure fresh air or driving to countryside or smelling that fresh rainfall? The reason is that one gets more negative ions in these activities.

Niagra Falls is a typical example of such place that is profoundly bombarded with negative ions. People always pay a visit there to feel more wonderful and serene. It is not only due to its beautiful location, but the power with which the water crashes the bottom is so much that it breaks the molecules and thus releasing a large quantity of negative ions, enough to make you feel wonderful by just being there. This is exactly what an ionic bath creates allowing one’s body to feel better along with being more alert. It is just a boost to help one’s body to speed up the recovery process, and is not any medical device.

What does discoloration of the water means?
Water will change its color even without any feet because of the various reactions occurring between the current, minerals and module. Their might be some form of ongoing detoxification process at the session time, but the color change is not the result one is looking for, though it is incredibly interesting. The most important thing is the rebalancing of one’s system and how he/she feels after the sessions (can be any number depending on the patient) required to obtain the desired result.

Alkalization, rebalancing and rejuvenation of one’s body makes him/her feel better. One will not be the effect of environment anymore. To have a great effect on one’s health, one should combine this therapy with some moderate exercise and a slight change in their diet.


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Body Detoxification Via An Ionizing Footbath



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