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When you sometimes feel that your energy levels are completely depleted even though you have eaten enough and consumed enough fluids and you know youíre not sick, it could very possibly be that your body is telling you itís time to detoxify. Drinking coffee does not add to the amount of fluid your body needs on a daily basis. Instead, coffee acts as a diuretic and withdraws water from your body, leaving behind more toxins that your liver needs to deal with. It might be a quick fix, but itís not the long term answer to your tiredness.

Being pressed for time trying to keep up with the hassle and the bustle of every day life, we expect our bodies to generate more energy to keep us going but when a normal body in a not so normal environment gets pushed beyond itís limits, we get tired and try to fuel our bodies with sugary soft drinks, energy tablets, coffee, cigarettes and more. We might keep going another hour or so, but sooner or later we start feeling sick, the tiredness returns, headaches sets in and depression becomes the disease of the millennium. All this due to the toxins we feed ourselves because we think it will make as feel better.

Besides the autogenous toxins your body creates during normal bodily functions, it also needs to detoxify your body from exogenous toxins as well as endogenous toxins. The first mentioned toxin is what we inhale or eat and digest and include pesticides, heavy metals, tobacco, caffeine etc. Everything that comes from outside. The latter is produces when our metabolism is not working optimally.

When unnatural toxins are present in your body, your colon, liver, lymphatic system, lungs and skin, work overtime to work these toxins out and clarifying the body. You can help keeping it natural by sticking to a natural and healthy diet and including plenty of raw fruit and vegetables in your diet.

Although the process of detoxifying is ongoing, the body does most of its cleansing during the night or while you are sleeping. You need to slow down and rest and give your body the chance to cleanse itself. By changing your diet from one high in sugars and refined carbohydrates, to one rich in fibre and nutrients you can make a big difference.

Sugar stimulates the body and mind. It gives you a temporary high but leaves you feeling weaker than before. Because refined sugar is used in so many every day products, it is easy for you to consume it without knowing. Watch out for products like soft drinks, sauces, white bread, fruit juice and chocolates. Rather opt for natural sugars like unrefined brown sugar and honey.

Although green tea also contains caffeine, it is a much better option to coffee. Green tea would in fact aid in detoxifying where coffee would increase toxins. There are many teas available on the market that does not contain any caffeine, so should you be working late or night shift, rather drink a healthy cup of green or herbal tea. The lift will be the same, but without the side affects.

Diet pills are commonly used by athletes for the boost of energy it gives while training. The effects on the body are devastating. Fruit juice would be a much better and healthier option. The same goes for people who smoke. Besides cancer, smoking can cause many other diseases so rather eat a couple of carrots as this is a much healthier alternative and will curb the craving.

If red meat is your staple diet, consider alternating with fresh fish and reap the benefits.

Is it any wonder that our parents made us eat our vegetables? They new what was good for us and the new the health benefits it held for strong young and growing bodies.


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