Body Detox Journal

A detox journal is a good way to help you keep track of your detox progress. You can use any type of notebook, binder, paper, etc to write on and something comfortable to write with and start taking notes from day one. Your journal can look anyway you desire or be any type of book that you want and you feel comfortable with. The main goal is to keep notes on your life and your experiences during the detox.

Use your journal to take down your body detoxification steps or what food that you have taken or those that you refrain from taking. You may also want to write down your feelings and emotions along the way as well. Take down anything and everything that you want while you are detoxing your body, even if it not related to your detox. Just your emotions and state of mind at this point can be very insightful to read later on.

Benefits of A Body Detox Journal
There are actually many different benefits to keeping your detox journal. For one, you can write down all of the steps you have taken and what you experience during your body detoxification. This will help you the next time you do a detox as it helps you to remember how you did it previously and if something does not work well for you, you will know how to change it next time. You can evaluate your detox experiences over the years and see how they vary and how you grow as a person.

Another reason why you should keep a detox journal is because of the side effects experienced during detoxification. The side effects include mood swings and other moodiness. Keeping a journal lets you write down how you feel and helps you sort through your moods and emotions. This helps you to be more prepared the next time you detox. It also helps you grow emotionally and you can look back on your journals later.


Table Of Contents

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