Body Detox And Stress

The presence of harmful, unfavorable toxins in the body makes it fatigued, weak, susceptible to infections and muscle pain and drains out the energy. A body detox helps the body to eliminate these toxins and makes it healthy and rejuvenated. But, stress is the biggest hindrance in the successful implementation of a detox method.

We are all well aware of the harmful effects of stress on the body, but what most of us are unaware is that stress also inhibits or hinders the healing process of the body. Stress weakens the body's innate immunity and encumbers its growth. A tired mind hampers the body's efforts to prevent and combat foreign unwanted agents. Hence, an overstressed person always has more chance of catching any illness.

Incidentally, the most significant function of a detox diet is cleansing of the human colon, or the ability to flush-out toxins from the body. A healthy digestion process is vitally important if a lot of critical health problems are to be avoided. Stress hampers the digestion mechanism of the body by insufficient release of digestive enzymes. Stress thus decreases the body's ability to fight against toxins. As a result toxins are retained in the body which later causes excessive oxidative damage. Hence, an overstressed person not only has a malfunctioning digestive system, but also a tense nature and decreased energy levels.

So, before starting a detox routine care should be taken to relieve the body of all stress and tension. This will ensure the success of the body detox regimen. Some of the effective methods to decrease the stress level of the body are as follows:

Breathing exercise - Meditation is a very effective way of stress release. Meditation calms you and helps you think about other things helping you relax. Yoga can also be as effective for reducing stress; right breathing exercises are an answer to a lot of stress-related issues. One should breathe in deep and breathe out slowly; this done repeatedly makes the body feel relaxed and peaceful.

Another very effective and conventional stress releasing and detoxifying technique is by taking a long relaxing shower with vinegar or bathing salts.

A regular regime of any form of exercise be it walking or yoga helps relieving the mind from stress and keeps the body healthy by aiding detoxification.

Insomnia or sleeplessness is a major reason for tension. A healthy body need 8 hours of sleep everyday which helps body to relax and aid the body's healing process. Loss of sleep at night should be made up by sleeping for an hour during the day.

The above methods are very effective in fighting stress and enhance the body's natural healing process. The stress free body gets maximum benefit from body detox programs.


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