Body Detox and Physical Activities

There are many means through which toxins get into our body. Itís a myth that only alcohol and drug users accumulate toxins in their body, though itís true that the level of toxins increase due to high intake of alcohol and drugs. Toxins may get into our body through the chemical products we use, cleaning agents, exposure to environmental pollution, through chemicals in drinking water and through the fruits and vegetables we eat in the form of fertilizers and pesticides.

So how do we detoxify our body? The answer is Ė by flushing the toxins out in the form of sweat, exhalation and urine. This can be done by modifying our diet to include lots of water and herbal drinks, avoiding caffeine and by regular work-outs and physical activities that leads to effective cleansing of toxins from our body.

Now, letís see how physical activity and exercise lead to an effective body detox Ė

- Physical activity results in an active circulation of fluids within your body and removes toxins through sweat and perspiration. Release of fluids from the body is the only means through which detoxification can be done and physical activity promotes sweating thatís a natural cleansing process.

- Vigorous physical activity and exercises induce thirst and makes you drink a lot of water. Remember to drink diluted water for effective cleansing. Drinking water in turn leads to release of excess water and toxins from the body through sweat or urine.

- Increased blood circulation resulting from physical activity and exercise helps to release toxins captured in fat cells and flushes them out of the body through sweat.

- Exercise combined with a breathing routine helps to release carbon dioxide and toxic gases from the body and take in fresh oxygen that purifies the blood.

- Exercise induces the circulation of lymph fluids in the body. These fluids are a great detox agent as they remove harmful toxins and unwanted substances present in the body and send them out.

- Walking, jogging, trampoline exercise, aerobics and swimming have been found to be really helpful in the detoxification process. These exercises increase your body temperature, thereby making you sweat. Select a form of exercise you enjoy. Removal of stress makes the detoxification process simpler and more pleasant.

- Make sure you replace the fluids lost due to exercise by drinking lots of water, antioxidants and vitamin and mineral supplements.

You will notice that when you follow a regular exercise routine, especially one that you enjoy doing like swimming or aerobics, you feel brisker than before, you donít get tired too easily and you have constant energy and enthusiasm to work and enjoy living. This is because thereís a drastic reduction in the toxins level in your body. Toxins are generally a major reason for weakness, fatigue and ennui.

Our body is a super-machine that has amazing capabilities to heal itself. All we have to do is, assist the body in finding its own nature healing regime. The right kind of diet, abstinence and activities go a long way in keeping the body in tip-top condition.


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