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Cleansing the colon can be done in ways more than one. The eating habit of Americans is bringing back an age old system – of cleansing the colon. The typical method of going on binges, then opting for a colon cleanse has become the order of the day. But, does colon cleansing have its benefits – is still a matter of debate. However, one thing we can be sure of , is, the best cleansing systems are ones that are undertaken for a short period and is not repeated too often.

However the question remains how to select the colon cleansing product that’s best for you? A topic that cannot, of course, be brought up at an office lunch and the internet too is flooded with products claiming to be the ‘best’ for you. We hope the guidelines we’re going to lay below will answer all your queries.

The two types of colon cleansers are either ‘oxygen’ based or ‘fiber’ based. If you want a cleanser for a short period, say a month, then fiber colon cleansers are what you should go for. Oxygen colon cleansers are the ones to be used for a longer duration of time. A few of the products come in form of pills and a few others as shakes to be prepared. This bit of information can narrow down your search for the best colon cleanser for you.

One important point to be taken care of is that do not take a medicine unless you actually need it. As, when you do so, without your body needing it, you end up hampering the natural system of the body. Since almost none of the colon cleansers are checked for compatibility with other drugs, any adverse effect can be experienced if care is not taken about consumption of the product. Moreover, caffeine, in any form should not be consumed when on a colon cleansing medication.

You might want to fast for a couple of days before using the cleansing products. Most of the people, in such, opt drinking juices. During that period, healthy, fortified food should replace greasy food, junk food and certain meats.

A natural fiber based colon cleanser increases the number of bowel movement. As a matter of fact, colon is responsible for absorbing nutrients and water and to separate out the waste for defecation. Any change in the number of bowel movement, will affect the ability of the colon to absorb these substances due to the change in the speed in which waste moves through the colon. Thus, besides increasing the number of bowel movements, it’ll also make the bowel watery. The reason is the inability of the colon to absorb the water in the new, changed speed. This will dehydrate the body.

Electrolytes can be lost from the body as too much water drains out of it. Imbalances can also develop due to minerals and nutrients being flushed out. This, no doubt can result in sever health conditions as well as death in some cases. A cleansing program that runs for a just a few days or even a week can also make a person weak due to loss of essential nutrients from the body. A person opting for a cleansing program that runs for over a month will actually be inviting serious side effects. Thus, the best colon cleansing product will be the one that is taken for just a few days.


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