Battling Cravings While You Body Detox

A body detox program is a demanding program and requires discipline to see it to completion. Cravings during body detoxing are perfectly normal but it's also one of the major factors why some fail to complete a detox diet. After years of unhealthy diet, it's extremely difficult to give up foods that the body is used to. A couple of days into the diet would see some people experiencing terrible cravings, moodiness, headaches, stomach aches and other symptoms that make them want to go back to eating foods that they have given up.

However, if you just stick it out and be committed to see the diet to its completion, you will feel much better once it has all passed. Not giving in to the cravings is the key to a successful detox diet. Saying it is one thing but actually doing it is another thing. So, how do you battle the cravings while detoxing?

Below are some steps you can take to help you beat the cravings that you might experience while going through a detox.

1. Avoid going to places that have foods that you crave.
2. Avoid watching television shows or reading books and magazines that have the foods you are craving. This might be hard to implement because of the numerous advertisement on TV and magazines but it's one option.
3. Fill the stomach by drinking a lot of water and fruit juice (if your detox program allows the juice). This helps by preventing you from feeling hungry and thus, fewer cravings.
4. Call a supportive friend if you feel urges coming on strong.
5. Write in a journal or diary.
6. Find a new hobby or past time to help ease the cravings. Hobbies are a good way to distract you from the cravings.
7. Go exercise or go for a walk or jog when your cravings come on strong.
8. Practice breathing exercises.

These are not guaranteed solution to your craving but options that you can try while detoxing your body. You need to bare in mind that cravings are unavoidable and also that there will be side effects which make your cravings even worse but if you plow through it and stick with the plan, the side effects and the cravings both will pass.

Think of detoxing your body as something like smokers trying to quit smoking. You know you have to stop smoking for your own good and the side effects that you will experience is something unavoidable and it's just an obstacle that you have to go through for a healthier you. Once you start thinking like this, you will be more focused on the goal and not the obstacles. Once you get past the body detox, you will find that all the difficulties are worth it.


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