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In the modern world, toxins get into our body by various means like the food we consume, such as the additives and preservatives which are added in the fast food, we intake almost daily and is also found in a large quantity in our drink. Although, there are not any visible threats in the short run, but, the long run effects can not be neglected, and very rightly are the main concerns for the top health experts across the globe. There are various ways available nowadays to detoxify one’s body, aqua detox being one of the best. It performs various tasks, besides cleansing the liver or colon. It does not have a side effect as long as one is sensible and drink water after filtering only.

This treatment is not entirely new. In fact, this treatment methodology was developed in 1930s, by Royal Raymond Rife who developed the "ionic foot bath", but the support of homeopath Mary Staggs has helped in the technological advancement of the methodology. This methodology is based on two very basic concepts of human life: firstly, the fact that the accumulation of the poison in the cells makes the cellular electrolytes unbalanced, and as a result, the cells cannot receive the necessary nutrients and/or remove the wasteful products. Secondly, in the modern world, very few people consume enough water to maintain the hydration of body. Now, one can easily understand the fact that why toxins are held accountable for many of the degenerative diseases which has its affect on the millions of us, today.

What To Expect
According to a numerous number of persons who have undergone the treatment, it has been an extremely pleasurable experience. The treatment starts with soaking one’s feet in warm water for about half an hour, then, a bio-energetic field is created in the water with the help of a current conducting metal "array". As a result, the toxins are released out through the thousand of pores of the feet.

This treatment has been proved safe for every age group. As the electrically charged particles (both "positive" and "negative" ions) are allowed to get into the body via the feet, they produce a series of vibrations, as a result agitating the elimination system for release of the accumulated toxic materials.

Having this treatment, one may have improved cardiovascular and metabolic functions, while it also helps in reduction in occurrences of headaches, menstrual cramping, skin disorders or inflammation.

Safety of the Aqua Detox treatment
Despite the share of skeptics generated by the alternative medicines, this treatment is completely safe and inexpensive as well. Anyone, who desires to undergo this treatment, can continue his or her other medications or prescriptions. The only persons, prohibited for this treatment are pregnant women, epileptics and those with pacemakers.

While detoxifying only with water, one should remember not to extend the process for more than 24 hours and should not repeat it in the next 3 months, as the body gets all the nutrients needed.


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