Alcohol Detoxification

The body of a person who has been drinking alcohol for a long period of time gets used to alcohol. This is what is called as "Alcohol dependence". If an alcohol dependant is kept away from alcohol or if he tries to get rid of the habit, his body does not allow him to do so because the body tries maintaining the level of blood alcohol. This is the "Alcohol withdrawal syndrome". The procedure related to the treatment for alcohol addiction and the complete psychological and physiological support which is also related to the process is called "Alcohol detox".

"Alcohol withdrawal" syndrome happens when someone's homeostasis gets dependant on alcohol and the moment the alcohol supply to the body is stopped. This syndrome can be severe depending on how much dependant the person is on alcohol and his drinking habits. The symptoms are vomiting, excessive sweating, pounding of heart, insomnia, shivering of hands and feet, agitation, depression, agitation, visual and auditory hallucinations, mania and nausea. The frequency of Grand mal seizure or (Delirium Tremens) also increases in some refractory cases of this syndrome. There are chances of the person going crazy for consuming alcohol. Because of the above reasons the withdrawal of alcohol must be taken care of with the detox program. This program reduces the symptoms of this syndrome to a large extent.

The program of alcohol detoxification requires an indoor facility because it is mandatory to monitor the patient 24x7. The goal of this detoxification drive is to help the addicted people to come out of the symptoms of alcohol withdrawal without facing a lot of trouble. This is executed using rational and optimum use of medicines, psychological and physical support. In order to successfully complete the program it is important to use behavioral therapy, as it is considered as the pillar for success in such cases. It is often noticed that even after the complete treatment; patients often go back to drinking, so it is necessary to give good counseling to the patients so that they overcome this hindrance also.

The detoxification program drive also looks into the harmful results of alcohol addiction. An alcohol addict may be affected from liver problems, swelling of body parts, memory loss, less enthusiasm and insomnia. In serious cases, small liver diseases may lead to cancer. These types of problems should also be a part of the detoxification programs.

There are various treatment modalities for detoxification from alcohol. First and foremost step is to take absolute rest and stay away from alcohol. In emergency situations like 'Delirium tremens' the patient is administered with Benzodiazepines. The ideal drug for this situation is Diazepam. This drug helps in calming the central nervous system (because of alcohol the inhibitory effect of Gamma-Amino Butyric Acid or GABA increases on the receptors in the central nervous system. The reducing level of GABA results in turn raises the level of the Glutamate receptors in few parts of the brain which control our moods, thriving efforts and emotions. During the detoxification program, the effect of GABA is not present and the person is agitated and excited. The over excited state can be neutralized by Diazepam). If it so happens that benzodiazepines do not prove to be effective in any case, then the treatment is shifted to barbiturates. Patients may require anti-convulsant therapy with haloperidol. If a patient takes in alcohol by any way then he is given Disulfiram to give him a bitter experience.

Once the phase of alcohol withdrawal decreases gradually only then behavioral therapy works. Patients are educated about the outcomes of drinking alcohol. This is not restricted only to the patient's physical condition but it also includes other social issues that are related to the addiction of alcohol, the family suffering alongside the patient with social boycott or offensive behavior. The money used to buy alcohol could have been used by the family for some constructive things.


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