Alcohol Detox Diet

It is tough for an alcoholic to leave his habit of alcohol consumption. A sudden abstinence form alcohol results in withdrawal symptoms, which are painful, physically as well as psychologically. Irrespective of whether you are mildly dependent or heavily dependant on alcohol, you need help to overcome this habit. Friends, family and your doctor are helping pillars of support. Apart from that, your diet will help you in the process.

It is essential to desist from alcohol when one has started this cleansing method. This method aims to detoxify your body to remove all traces of alcohol, so any added alcohol to your system will hinder the advancement. To abstain from alcohol, a grit determination is required, and only a person with the necessary will power can survive the withdrawal symptoms. After the withdrawal stage comes the therapeutic stage. This too is important or else the whole process gets pointless. So it is important to vanquish the cravings that arise during the detox program, to get rid of the addiction for once and for all.

To decrease the physical dependence on alcohol, the patient is supervised, monitored and assisted by medical practitioners in rehabilitation centers. These centers are well-equipped to deal with almost everything that may occur when the craving begins. The final result obtained thus is detoxification of the body, and getting rid of addiction. Such detox programs are offered only in those centers which have the necessary infrastructure and skilled manpower to lead the path to the patient's recovery.

The alcohol detox program is not a very easy task to undertake. On the contrary, it often turns out to be traumatic, and is accompanied by nausea, vomiting, lack of sleep, delirium tremors, and headaches, and in some cases even seizures. Hence proper medical help is desirable and advisable to guide during this difficult time to minimize the physical and mental pains involved.

An effective alcohol detoxification diet plan is given below:

Devour fruits and vegetables, as many as you can. This fixes the damage caused to your body due to consumption of alcohol, and also boosts your body by adding to it fibers, vitamins, and minerals. Acai berries are a good food choice as they have all the nutrients listed above, so it is worthwhile to include them in your diet.

Cut down on the consumption of coffee, sugar and fats. These only put more stress on the body.

Drink copious amount of water, at least eight glasses in a day. This flushes out toxins from your body, without the need of any aid in the form of laxatives or medicines.

There's a very high risk of convulsions and seizures involved in the detox process, as high as 25%. So it should be undertaken only under proper medical supervision.

The alcohol detox program lasts for three to seven days, after which the revitalization phase begins. The procedure is difficult and lengthy but pays great dividends and helps the person to recover as much as he can.


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