A 10 Days Body Detox

A 10 days body detox or sometimes referred to as the 2-weeks detox program is a very thorough body-cleansing program. It's a full total body detox regime that maybe hard to stick with because of the long duration and the commitment requires for anyone to see it to completion. This thorough body detox program involves more than just a change in diet. It's a total body transformation that requires taking several different steps that involves even the emotional state.

A 10 days body detox is more thorough than a 24-hour fast or 72-hour juice diet. There are a few full body detox programs available right now but before starting one, you need to ask yourself whether you are ready to commit to the full amount of time that is required. You will only be able to reap the full benefit if you see it to completion.

A full body detox program is not a program that you just simply pick out of the bunch of programs available. If you choose the wrong one, you will not see much result and it would just be a waste of your time. It's 10 days! That's quite a long time. So, make it worth your time and effort.

A basic guide on what a 10 days body detox program should do for you. Choose one that can do at least the task mentioned below.
- Able to remove substances such as heavy metals. Heavy metals include lead and mercury. Lead has been known to affect the nervous system, cardiovascular system and kidneys.
- Able to cleanse the liver, kidneys and other internal organs.
- Able to strengthen the body's immune system by supplying it with antioxidant. Read more about the importance of antioxidants.

Below is a simplified routine of what you can expect from a 10 days body detox program. It will give you an idea of what is involves and you can choose whether it's right or you.
1) Begin your morning by drinking lots of water. At least 32 oz of warm water. This will stimulate your bowels and helps you to cleanse your kidneys and bladder.
2) Take a detoxing supplement with organic fruit juice such as apple or carrot juice.
3) For almost every hour through out the day, drink only liquids such as tea, poultice drinks and of course, fruit juices. Avoid caffeine and soft drinks. You may need to add detoxing supplements with you drinks as required by the detox program chosen.

Basically, you would just be drinking liquids through out the day for 10 days. Because of this, you may need to excuse yourself to the toilet more frequently and may experience low energy level especially in the beginning of the program. So, try to stay at home and relax when you are on a 10 days body detox program.

Of course you are not required to just drink liquid for 10 days but for best result, liquid only diet is recommended. Some eat for the 10 days instead of juicing, or use a combination of eating and juicing. Have only raw and fresh organic whole fruit or vegetables if you decide to eat.

If you want to cleanse and rejuvenate your body, it is a great idea to cleanse and refresh your mind and spirit while you are on your 10-day full body detox. Spend time relaxing, recouping and retraining your mind. Take time to de-stress from all the worries and trouble in the world and in your life while also cleansing your body physically.

Once you reach completion of the 10 days body detox program, congratulate yourself as you have done what most cannot and have taken a big step to live a healthier life.


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