7 Day Detox Diet

Taking the 7-day detoxifying diet will surely help you flush out the piled up toxins inside your body. The good thing about this detox diet is that it has better effects that that of the 24-hour detoxifying diet but not as demanding as the 30-day diet. This diet plan is highly advisable since it has no bad side effects. Its main goal is simply to balance out the nutrients in your body which also means that you will not be limited to eating just fruits and veggies. And since it will not completely deprive you from eating most of the things you want, it is not that hard to attain.

As mentioned, you will not be limited to eating just fruits and vegetables on this diet plan. However, it is still highly advised that your food intake be mostly consisted with it. Also, high intake of fruit and veggies will guarantee you that you are getting the proper nutrients your body needs.

Like vegetables, you can still go fresh, canned, in the form of juices, or even dried. The main benefit that you get from fruits is Vitamin C which the main immune system booster, providing optimum recovery from various kinds of sickness. For ready to drink fruit juices, opt for unsweetened or pure ones. And should you have time and the equipment at home, it would still be best to make your own fruit juice and smoothies.

You can opt for vegetables that are fresh, canned or frozen, as long as they are not processed and salted. Among the choices would be, onions, carrots, cabbage, swede, turnip, sprouts, spring onions, cucumber, tomatoes, mushroom, peppers, courgettes, sweetcorn, cauliflower, broccoli and others. Vegetables will help speed up your metabolism as well as build up your immune system, making you less vulnerable to sickness and also perfect for tossing out piles of toxins and heavy metals inside your body.

Beans are essential to a detox diet plan because they contain nutrients that are good for the heart. Aside from that, they can suffice your carbohydrate intake making you feel full. You can eat different sorts of beans, may it be, canned or dried variants of the following: haricot, butter, red kidney, cannellini, pinto, black eye, green, brown and red lentils.

Other choices of food that you should incorporate into your detox diet plan include brown rice, oats, rice noodles, rye crackers and potatoes which will be your source of carbohydrates and will give you ample energy to keep up with your daily activities.

The 7-day detox meal plan should be designed this way:

Detox Breakfast
For breakfast, preparing banana porridge is probably your best choice. Reason is that banana keeps you feel full for a couple of hours and will surely keep you energized for that span of time. Banana porridge can be done by simply adding slices of banana into your ordinary porridge. Mix with honey, yoghurt and top with raisings and you're good to go. For your drink, make a smoothie by mixing fresh fruits, yoghurt and sweeten it with honey.

Detox Lunch
At lunch, opt for oatcakes and vegetable soups for appetizers, grilled cod with steamed veggies and potatoes for your main course, and wrap up with Mediterranean salad for your dessert.

Detox Dinner
For dinner, you can go with either western or eastern style meals. For a western style dinner, you can opt for baked salmon with jacket potatoes. For eastern style meal, on the one hand, you can simply stir fry bok choi, mushrooms, spring onions, beansprouts and bamboo shoots in olive oil, ginger and garlic. Serve it with brown rice to give you a complete satisfying meal.

Detox Snack
Should you have cravings in between meals, go for natural yoghurt topped with unsalted nuts, fruits or honey for snacks.

Follow this diet for 7 consecutive days and you will definitely feel rejuvenated and clean on the inside. Stick and commit to the meal plan and you will surely enjoy maximized benefits. This can even lead to weight loss after all the toxins are expelled off your body.


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