5 Day Detox Plan

Pollution has become a part of our lives today. Even if you wish to you cannot avoid it or get rid of it. It has now become a major reason for the health disorders and illnesses among the masses. It comes masked in different forms. Like you may not even realize you are having a part of it when you drink water at your workplace when you are not sure of its cleanliness. Or the food that you eat at the roadside or even at home, no you can't be sure of anything. When you are in a smoking zone you tend to take in all the toxins released there while breathing in that air. The exhaust released from vehicles due to combustion of fuel is also a monster in disguise. However the body does not react instantly to these elements, and so you should not overlook them, as somewhere down the line they are bound to produce effects.

To avoid falling prey to these disorders and diseases detoxification is very necessary which helps you to maintain a healthy body and also healthy relationships with people.

The levels of detoxifying and maintaining our bodies vary greatly. It proves to be a difficult time for our body when the capacity of self cleansing is less compared to the pollutants that enter our body. It leads to the weakening and consequent tearing of the tissues which therefore lead to improper and malfunctioning. Strong tissues are required for better cleansing of the body systems and hence they need to be taken care of.

It is always intelligent to not wait until the body parts and systems have been corroded and stressed. That way you won't need to slog when you have to get them back into place through means of medicines and other ways. We definitely need to have a clean body, but along with that we also need to ensure that our system regulates the body processes and other bodily functions efficiently. The 5-day detox plan works just right for you when you want to prevent it rather than cure it. It helps in relaxation and revival of the body parts, keeps your spirits high and keeps your body clean and toned.

The first five days, i.e., the 5 day detox plan forms the basic part of your detoxification process and lays the building blocks .these 5 days your diet is restricted to only fresh fruits and vegetables and it is highly recommended that you avoid any kind of meat. Meat is hard to digest and it ruins the whole process if you don't avoid it. Also fats, oily foods, preservatives and additives should be avoided completely when you are in the process of detoxifying your body.

When we talk about what should be avoided during the process of detoxification, we should also talk about what is ideal so that you reap optimized benefits. Garlic, broccoli, beetroot, beans or nuts are great detoxifying agents. Fresh fruit juices are mainly recommended except for grapefruit. Water is a major detoxifying agent. It is a universal solvent and helps in reducing the hardening, if any has occurred within the body systems. It helps in regular cleansing of the bowels and waste excretion which is partly the objective of the process of detoxification.

When you are undergoing detoxification, you tend to eat less, however, you don't starve. As the food intake is healthy and provides you with all the stamina that you need to carry out your regular activities.

Detox should ideally be undertaken four times a year. The sessions should however be carried out under the guidance of professionals and nutritionists. A doctor's advice might also help in the long run.

The objective of detoxification is to flush out the toxins in your body and replace them with a new set of energy that provides you with mental and physical alertness. Cleanliness from outside is appreciated but, cleanliness from within is a requirement that enhances cleanliness superficially.


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