3 Day Detox Diet

A simple 3 day detox program can protect the body from free radicals that can get into the body from many sources. When the body is free from free radicals then the growth of new cells can take place. The immune system also gets stimulated in a beneficial manner as a result of the detox program. Once a 3 day detox program is over then the person will feel energized and light as all the harmful substances are flushed out from the body.

A 3 day detox diet program is for everyone and one does not need to see a medical health practitioner to start it. There are many health benefits of detoxification and if it is done at least once a year then the physical as well as mental health of the person remains fit. Diet is the basis of a detox program. The detox diet program includes vegetables and fruits and excludes the oily and fat filled food items. This detox diet may take a heavy toll on those that are used to taking junk and oily food daily but rest assure that by abstaining from these unhealthy foods will reward you in many ways. If you are one of those that have any medical issue like diabetes, or heart problem then it is advisable to only start this kind of diet program after consulting your doctor.

Now let's talk about this new 3 day detox diet in detail:

1. For the first day, start the morning with 8 glasses of warm water. As a result of high water intake the digestive enzymes will flow uniformly in the body.

2. Each and every meal of the day must include whole grains like cheerios or brown rice. Also make sure to include 3 fresh vegetables and fruits in your meals.

3. The use of fish oil and vinegar in salads can help in speeding up the detox process as these are excellent detox oils.

4. In order to cope up with the changes in digestive system due to the detox diet, include the following food items for at least 2 days of the detox diet. These food items include the following: vegetable juice (carrot, beet), herbal teas (dandelion, parsley, fennel & chamomile), black grapes and fresh garlic. The detox teas are quite easily available at local health food stores. The taste of these teas is great like Yogi Detox Tea which is not only good at taste but it also helps in speeding up the process of detox.

5. It is very important that during the detox to keep the flow of fluids in check. In every two hours drink 1-2 glass of water so that the hydration level can be maintained.

6. Any mild exercise, bike ride, walk or jog can also help in increasing the speed of the detox process. For physical and mental fitness, any type of aerobic exercise can be helpful too.

7. Avoid snacking at bedtime if you want to keep your digestive system healthy. Snacking before going to bed can affect the balance of the digestive systems. At bed time you can drink chamomile tea to feel relaxed during the detox program.

Take this 3 day detox diet program positively and prepare yourself mentally knowing that the temporary changes in your diet will help you maintain your health. After all, this is just a short detox diet and seeing it to the end is an achievement that your friends and family will be proud of. If you maintain proper diet as well as exercise throughout your life then you can always stay healthy and happy.


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