1 Day Liver Detox Diet

If you hate following complicated diets for up to a week or more, but you know it would be good for your health to do a liver detox, you've probably been feeling pretty discouraged. But what if all you needed was one day to cleanse your liver and improve your health? Wouldn't that be great? You will be happy to learn that a solution has been created just for you! It's a simple liver cleanse that only requires one day of your time.

In order to prepare yourself for a successful one day detox diet, go ahead and eliminate any addictive foods or habits that could sabotage your liver cleanse. For at least a week before you do the detox, stay away from alcoholic beverages, coffee or tea and carbs. No smoking is allowed and please don't take any over-the-counter medications. Stick to things that are good for your liver like; lemons, garlic, cabbage, onion, broccoli, celery, apples, beets, pears and berries. The importance of water here cannot be overstated. For the one week period prior to your cleanse, while you are sticking to the good foods mentioned above, make sure you also drink as much water as possible. H20 is your friend any time, but during this week it is especially important and beneficial. Doing this will make certain your detox will do its best work for your body, in just one day.

Once you have prepared your body to do the liver detox diet, you are all ready to begin. First thing in the morning on the day you've chosen for your one day detox diet, be sure to drink a cup of water. Continue doing this throughout the day once per hour - alternating between water and fruit juice every other hour. For instance you might drink water on the even hours, and drink your Miracle juice on the odd hours, round the clock. Make your juice from a mixture of the following; orange juice, lemon juice, cranberry water, ginger, nutmeg and stevia. Be certain to use fresh ingredients, and squeeze your own juice. The store-bought variety won't help you here. For your breakfast and dinner on this day, be sure your menu is filled with good-gut food. Meaning that you should build your diet around apples, berries, pears and carrots - and please keep the exercise routine to a minimum today. If you must work out, please do so lightly and for less than half an hour. You haven't taken in enough vitamins on your one day detox diet to give you sufficient energy for a long workout.

Tomorrow you can return to the eating plan that you kept while getting ready to detox. Keep up with that diet for another three days, in order to get the most out of your one-day detox diet.


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