1 Week Detox Diet Plan

7 day detox diet plans are generally meant for those people who want to shed as much weight as possible in a limited time duration. However to keep losing weight after that diet is over, or to retain the figure you just got, then not only in the diet week , you need to consider several things in the future too.

Master Cleanse is one of the most popular one week detox diet plans. It is continued for seven to ten days. Apart from purifying your body from toxins, it also increases your energy level and ameliorates your skin complexion.

But even though the diet comes with several benefits, it is tough to stick to the diet. Many people quit after the first day itself, and some canít manage even the first day itself. There are some people who make it through the week, but cheat by eating, which detriments the results. However, if you finish the week, by strictly adhering to the diet plan, the results are fabulous.

The main component of this detox diet plan is a lemonade cleanse drink. This detox drink consists of pure organic lemon juice, pure organic maple syrup, cayenne pepper, and filtered water. Purity of constituents used in the drink increases the efficacy of the diet. This drink is to be consumed 5-10 times in a day.

Being in this diet is similar to fasting. No food is to be taken, and the only things that you can consume are the lemonade drink, laxative tea, or a salt water flush drink. It is essential to stick to these to see the complete results of the diet.

After you have completed the diet successfully, you feel younger and fuller of energy. You are also cured of that bloated sensation that you would feel earlier due to your diet rich in refined carbs, caffeinated drinks, and salty, fatty meat, and thus feel lighter. All these foods that you had taken had only given you and your system more stress and toxins, and had done little good with its small or no dose of healthy nutrients.

Before commencing the diet, you need to be physically, mentally and emotionally prepared for it. Consult your doctor before you kick off the diet. If you suffer from any chronic diseases of the heart, liver, or kidneys, or are pregnant or are nursing a child, this diet is better left alone.


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